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Opened: September 2007
Closed: February 2009
Country: Russia
Hotel Management
Hotel managers: Laila (2006 - Dec 2009)

Habbo.ru was the Russian version of Habbo Hotel. It first opened to the public in September 2007 and was managed by the staff member "Laila". When the hotel first opened, many users overwhelmed the site in an attempt to gain names with a "MOD-" prefix (this was a common glitch in newly opened hotels at the time); these players were later banned for impersonating staff. Initially, like Habbo.com.tr, the site was georestricted to players living in Russian-speaking countries.

The Russian hotel was not widely known to many people and it rarely achieved user numbers in the hundreds. This occurred even in spite of Laila's attempts to arrange many events including Battle Ball competitions and room building challenges, as well as automobile- and basketball-themed campaigns. In total, only six badges were ever created for the Russian hotel and not all of them were used.

The only furniture item known to have appeared on Habbo.ru before any other hotel is the White Pura Eggchair, where it was handed out during a competition focused on Habbo Groups. Rares were primarily distributed via the catalogue and competitions, such as the Petal Patch sold in the Catalogue during April 2007, and the Collectibles being both sold and given out as prizes during 2008. Alongside virtual goods, during October 2008 the Hotel Manager, Laila, gave out a physical Habbo T-Shirt to winners of a competition, a picture of which can be found in the Gallery below.

Due to the unpopularity, and assumed lack of profitability of the hotel, Sulake announced in December 2008 that the hotel would close on February 6th 2009, thus making it the second hotel to close. Many users were furious and upset with the decision, and some complained of bias against the Russian hotel, as it had only been running for two years with less funding than other hotels. Afterwards many Retro Hotels arose for Russian-speaking users, although almost all of these have now vanished. A link to the text announcing the closure, with an Italian translation underneath, can still be found here.

Players who had a large amount of furniture on Habbo.ru were given voucher codes (dependent upon how much furniture they owned) to use on the USA hotel. After the closure of Habbo Russia, the link used to direct users to www.habbo.co.uk despite the voucher codes exclusively being for the American hotel. Although the former site is now inaccessible, many of the community competitions can be located on this former fansite thread and other Fansites below.

Aside from the Hotel View, very few images of Habbo.ru's client are in existence - especially of the staff members of which there are seemingly no surviving images. Most of the images that can be located in the Gallery on this page have been captured from YouTube videos, hence the poor quality.

Staff Members

There has been a total of 3 Staff members and 6 Moderators working for Habbo.ru over the years. Here is a complete list of them:

  • Iriska - Advertising Sales Coordinator
  • Nadia - Country Manager & Advertising sales Coordinator
  • Laila - Hotel Manager & Community Coordinator * Back-Up
  • MOD-Georgy - Moderator
  • MOD-Hanechka - Moderator
  • MOD-Scorpiona - Moderator
  • MOD-Slastena - Moderator
  • MOD-Sotofa - Moderator
  • MOD-Topo - Moderator


A handful of Fansites existed for the Russian community and four were marked specifically by the Hotel Manager in a news article. Six of these still have working URLs, although the most recent update on any of these sites was during the end of 2018:

  • Habbo.vipikas.com
  • Habbo-Fan.ucoz.ru
  • Habbix.narod.ru
  • HabbaBabba.ucoz.ru
  • Habbolife.narod.ru (unofficial)
  • Habbshka.9bb.ru (unofficial)
  • Obbah.ucoz.net/forum/ (unofficial)
  • Ilovehabbo.bbon.ru (unofficial)