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Opened: June 2006
Closed: August 2007
Country: China
Hotel Management
Hotel managers: 度英鎊大

Habbo.cn (also called www.habbochina.com) was the link to the Chinese version of Habbo Hotel. It opened up for BETA testing on June 26th 2006, and anyone who became a BETA tester was rewarded 560 Credits (about 56 Credits on the UK hotel due to the exchange rate). The manager of the Chinese hotel was 度英鎊大. Also, Habbo.cn/Habbochina.com first redirected you to a page in which you had to select which hotel you wanted to enter - you could either enter "Habbo Shanghai" or "Habbo Beijing" (PeK King). This was due to there being 2 major languages in China. However you could use the same chinese Habbo account to enter either hotel.

The hotel was geoblocked so you could only access it if you had a Chinese IP.

Habbo.cn was also the very first hotel to upgrade to V10 and the only hotel which had Credit Furni items worth 10 times more than their value on other hotels (e.g. A Gold Bar on Habbo.cn would be worth 500c) - this was also due to the increased exchange rate. The Chinese hotel was also the only hotel where red was the font colour used in-game instead of black.

Only 24 badges were ever created for use on the Chinese hotel and its final recorded Alexa Rank was 24,038,410. Due to such low popularity and little income the hotel eventually became bankrupt, thus making it the first hotel ever to close. It opened to the public in July 2006 and closed only 13 months later on August 24th 2007. The link will now redirect you to Habbo.com.

Due to its short lifespan and lack of records online, very little is known about the hotel outside of an interview with the Community Manager and YouTube videos.

Samyani's Interview & Fansites

The Chinese Community Manager Samyani took part in an interview alongside the Singaporean Community Manager DoeLee in 2007 with a Finnish fansite. This interview, which is still accessible (albeit in Finnish), provides some information into various features of the Habbo.cn hotel. Specifically regarding campaigns/competitions, nine Habbowood awards were awarded to users as part of the global Habbowood campaign, and in Winter the Winter Olympics campaign also featured in the hotel. Volunteer users were recruited as part of a "Habbo Media Team" in order to help out with such an event.

Alongside this, Samyani mentioned that the Chinese hotel was receiving approximately 1000 unique visitors per day and that their hotel had an official Habbo forum, which other hotels did not have at the time. Besides this, the only other mention regarding the Client was that staff tended to host events on a regular basis.

Concluding the interview, Samyani mentioned the two official fansites associated with Habbo.cn which were:

  • TV Habbo - The first Chinese fan site, which focused on Habbo web-radio, animation and movies.
  • Habbo Boards - A Chinese / English bilingual fan page

Staff Members

  • KelvinLeong - Advertising Sales Coordinator
  • Samyani - Community Manager
  • AndyQ - Country Manager
  • Sinofinn - Project Manager Launch Operations
  • 摆渡人 - Site Producer Assistant
  • 糖糖 - Site Producer
  • 海心 - Site Producer
  • MOD-Boa - Moderator
  • MOD-Jan - Moderator
  • MOD-Lee - Moderator
  • MOD-Meng - Moderator
  • Mod-Puma - Moderator
  • MOD-Top - Moderator