Aapo Kyrölä

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Note: This account was not transferred during the 2010 merge or was deleted during an account clearout and either belongs to another user or is inactive.
Joined habbo: May 2000
Also known as: kyrpov
Former Habbo Staff
Role(s): Co-Founder
Sulake Chief Scientist

Aapo Kyrölä is one of the two co-founders of Sulake and one of three co-owners of Habbo Hotel. From Helsinki, he served as Chief Executive Officer before a suitable person was found to fill the role. As a co-founder of Sulake, Aapo served as a member of the board up until 2011 when the company was bought out in its entirety by a private equity firm, Elisa. Since leaving Sulake, Aapo as briefly worked at Twitter before founding another company with Sampo Karjalainen called ProtoGeo. Facebook eventually bought the company in 2014 where he now works as a Software Engineer.

He also created Fuse - software used to run multi-user virtual spaces. Fuse was used to develop Hotelli Kultakala (Hotel Goldfish), the original Habbo. He also created Lumisota and Mobiles Disco with Sampo Karjalainen.

Habbo Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Chief Scientist Sept 2001 Aug 2011
CEO May 2000 Sept 2001
Co-Founder May 2000 Aug 2011


  • aapo2 is the oldest Habbo created (on Habbo Finland, 4th July 2000). The first Habbo was most likely aapo but was removed due to testing reasons. [1]
  • The first user on the UK hotel was aapo, though the account was deleted in the merge.