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Note: This account was not transferred during the 2010 merge or was deleted during an account clearout and is now inactive.
Joined Habbo May 2000
Hotel Habbo.co.uk
Former Habbo Staff
Role(s) Co-Founder
Managing Director

Daisy, also known as Dee Edwards, is a business woman and internet entrepreneur. In 2000, she launched Habbo.co.uk and served as managing director. The company worked in partnership with Sulake, a company newly founded by Aapo and Apparatus, and was funded by Electric Mother Ventures, a Scandinavian venture capitalist, to create Habbo Hotel UK.

Having earned a degree in Business Management and an MA in European Marketing, she set up an internet publishing company Net Profit with David Bowen. Later, she moved onto the internet business consultancy RazorFish, focussing on new business and conceptualisation. The idea for Habbo Hotel was born while she was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the internet incubator, Brainspark plc. Habbo UK launched a public BETA in January 2001 and remained the only hotel operating under the 'Habbo' brand until Habbo Switzerland opened in October 2001 (Note: Habbo Finland was still called 'Hotel Kultakala' until 2002, and was run solely by Sulake).

She eventually sold her shares in Habbo Ltd. to Sulake at some point in 2003, rumoured to be around £1,000,000, at which point Sulake integrated Habbo UK into the rest of their hotels.

It seems that Daisy was somewhat active in the hotel in early years, and many users often mistakenly name her as the first Hotel Manager; however, this is not true. One of her traditions was an annual Christmas giveaway, where she would give away furniture to users. She continued this tradition even after leaving Habbo Ltd, holding her last giveaway in 2006 - although she missed the 2005 giveaway because a Hobba had accidentally banned her.

Daisy is now the Non-Executive Director of Uptaste the World, a travel and tourism company based in the UK.

Habbo Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Managing Director 2000 2003
Co-Founder 2000 2003

Hotel Visits

After Daisy left Sulake, she often frequented Habbo Hotel UK throughout 2005-06.