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Opened: February 2003
Closed: April 2009 (hotel demolished october 2013)
Country: Japan

Habbo.jp was the Japanese version of Habbo Hotel and was managed by ちゅか (YukaChi). When the hotel opened in February 2003, as the fourth hotel, it was one of the few international hotels open at the time. The hotel was unpopular amongst the Japanese community and had little usage. As a result of declining interest the hotel was closed on the April 16, 2009 and users were directed to join Habbo.com.

Habbo.jp was also the first hotel to receive various Rares - the Forest Dragon Lamp and White Laser Portal were released on Habbo Japan before any other hotel. In total, only 6 badges were created solely for use on the Japanese hotel.

Staff Members

Only a few staff members have worked solely on the Japanese hotel. They are:

  • ちゅか - Hotel Manager
  • フラフィ - Assistant Community Manager
  • バイパー
  • マイク・ブルック
  • Habboっ子


  • When Habbo.jp upgraded to V11 (with the introduction of Asian clothing) an error occurred when changing outfits. Habbos were able to gain an outfit without any hair and eyes - this lasted a few days until the glitch was patched.
  • On the final day Habbo Japan was open, there were no Moderators or help tool staff from 12:00 - 21:00.
  • When Habbo.jp was first launched, many Finns signed up there because they were curious to know how Japanese users behaved. However, this caused mass disruption because the Japanese were not interested in dealing with foreigners and they locked their rooms so only those who spoke Japanese could enter. This also resulted in problems for the Finnish community.