Retro Hotels

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Retro Hotels
Opened: Available since V1, as shown above

A Retro Hotel is a fake and illegal copy of Habbo. Retro Hotels are often popular amongst unhappy Habbo users, tired of purchasing credits. When first joining a Retro Hotel, the user normally starts off with a large amount of coins. As a result, many of these hotels become popular because money is no object in gaining Furni and building rooms. Some retro hotels are reminiscent of fansites; users are able to be hired as staff members, with abilities to ban other users, give out badges and more, with the accessibility of Moderator tools within their own game. Often, retros create their own furniture, which includes different recolours, unreleased furniture or alterations, an example of this is MyCoke furniture being incorporated inside a retro hotel. Retros run in whichever manner they please, sometimes causing controversy amongst their users. This openness of a retro hotel allows users to earn unrealistic wealth and play-time is quickly diminished.

Identifying Retros

One way to identify a Retro Hotel is to look closely at it's URL. Most Retro Hotels have a similar name to the actual Habbo Hotel. Another way is to look for the copyright (often located on the bottom of the front page).

Types of Retros

  • Classic / Old School / Shockwave

Classic (and often Shockwave) versions of Habbo Hotel are run as a Classic retro offering users a chance to revisit old features such as Wobble Squabble, Camera and the use of old versions of furniture such as the Mountain Dew machine. These became popular with Habbos in the community that had either joined Habbo later or wanted to reminisce the older versions.

  • Flash

Flash retros are often copies of the most recent versions of Habbo (which is designed in Adobe Flash). These allow users to play a similar version to the real Habbo. Custom hotels usually setup with a Flash hotel and will introduce custom furniture and their own currency system (as users are often given high amounts of credits).

  • Roleplaying Retros (RP)

A roleplaying retro is a type of retro, in which the players are able to take part in an array of various roleplaying acts, which mimic real life situations, such as getting a job, buying a house or going to jail.

Say no to retros

On May 15, 2011 Habbo posted an article promoting the tagline "Say No To Retros". An Infobus session was held to inform users of the safety issues behind registering on fake hotels. This event went on for 5 days and a schedule was posted with the session times. All session attendees were given a special "Say No To Retros" badge. This is the first time Habbo had openly acknowledged the presence of retro hotels and the damage it causes to Habbo and its community.


  • The title "Retro" derived initially to insinuate older classic versions of Habbo Hotel. This was because they had no website system so the original in-client registration system was required.