Thursday Deals

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Thursday Deals were Room Bundles available between January 12, 2010, and May 26, 2011, on only

The Deals were weekly released on a Thursday and the price of the bundles varied continuously. With the cheapest Thursday Deal of 7 Credits and the most expensive 92 Credits. in fact, these Thursday Deals are much cheaper than the Room Bundles Habbo releases nowadays, but also much smaller.

Every week the hotel manager of Habbo Netherlands (Crowley) put together a new Thursday Deal. The Thursday Deals were available for 24 Hours only. Most of them contained a badge but in some other cases you didn't receive a badge at all. All Bundles had 1 or more Exclusive Items.

Thursday Deals

Name Deal Release Date
Noisy Garageband Deal 04-Feb-2010
Habbolympics Deal 18-Feb-2010
Shipwreck Deal 07-Apr-2010
Thursday Anniversary Deal 11-Feb-2010
Thursday Flea Market Deal 28-Apr-2010
Thursday Cup Finale Deal 06-May-2010
Eurovision Deal 27-May-2010
Carnival Deal 10-Mar-2011