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Easter Eggs are hidden jokes or messages inside a game, movie or website. Habbo is no exception to this, and many furniture names are references to the past or a parody on a real-life song/art. Easter egg can be found all around the hotel, from public rooms to chat commands and even furniture names and mottos. Habbo has been around for a long time and like we mentioned earlier they like to make references to their own past. From the early beginning like Official Games you could play such as Snowstorm and Battle Ball to movies and song names nowadays.

Secret Commands

Main article: Commands

Besides the normal commands like :sit (to sit down) or :stand (to stand up) there are a few secret commands you can type:

Command Effect
:YYXXABXA Gives you a 'Lightsaber' sword
:habnam Enables the 'Habnam' dance effect (a reference to the Gangnam style dance) (HC Only)
:moonwalk Enables the 'Moonwalk' effect that let your habbo walk backwards (HC Only)
:iddqd Turns the room upside down
:shake Shakes the room

References to Habbo's past

Inside the hotel you can find many references to the past of Habbo Hotel. If you go to the public room Hallway 1 and Hallway 2 you can see different types of paintings on the wall.

Image Easter Egg
A painting of our old inventory the Big Hand can be found in Hallway 2
A painting of the old Infobus Park fish fountain can be found in Hallway 2
A painting of the old Wobble Squabble game you could play can be found in Hallway 2
A painting that references the 2006 Habbo Raid can be found in Hallway 2
A painting of the old Library public room entrance statue can be found in Hallway 1
A painting of the old Star Lounge public room drink display can be found in Hallway 1
A painting of the old Peaceful Park public room lion statue can be found in Hallway 1
Inside the Games Hub public room a mural of the old Battle Ball lobby logo can be found along with a rocket power-up from the old Fast Food game
Some bowls in the public hallways have the old Pixels currency in them.
A secret mini version of the old Theatredrome can be found inside the Theater. There is a teleport hidden on the '1st floor' behind the curtains. Fun Fact: A Room-O-Matic machine can be seen and a pile of books behind the stage, these were not in the original Theatredrome. The Room-O-Matics were in other rooms and the books are from the Library desk
The long aquarium inside ClubNX is a remastered version of the aquarium used in the old Chromide Club public room which was also located in the dancing area.
The Beta Beds from Hotelli Kultakala used to exist on Habbo.fi But they sadly removed the account + room. This was the room link:Link.
The Basic Window is a reference to the very first Habbo room in Habbo.fi (then called Hotelli Kultakala) that came with a window that had the same cactus and a plant on the windowsill
The Ultramarine is a reference to the old Battleships public room from the Cunning Fox Game Hall


Furniture Easter Egg
The Evil Raider is a reference to the 2006 Habbo Raid
And so is the Afro Duck
And the diamond painting Lido Nostalgia
One of the pictures on the Staff of the Year furni released in 2018's habboween campaign Infected Laboratory contains - when double clicked a few times - also a reference to the 2006 Habbo Raid.
If you place / move the Is he going to get through? (formerly known as Santa in Chimney) you can see a sign that reads Face Palm
If you look closely to Graffiti 3 from the Urban line released in June 2011, you can make up the name USVA which is a furniture line that came out two months later in August 2011
The rare Death Egg Star is a parody of the Death Star from Star Wars
If you say the phrase "Candyman, candyman, candyman" (with commas) in front of the Ghostly Mirror a Habbo in a Ringmaster Suit will show up and chop your head off.
If you say the phrase "Beauty is only skin deep" in front of the Vanity Mirror a Habbo in a dress and a bride's mask shows up.
If you say the phrase "Habbos are tasty" in front of the Wolf Hand Cabinet a Habbo in a werewolf suit shows up and chops your head off.
If you say the phrase "Don't play with fire" in front of the Magnificent Fireplace a grim reaper Habbo shows up and sets you on fire.
If you say the phrase "Hotel management from Hell" in front of an Evil Frank Bust an "Evil Frank" shows up and gives you a Levitation effect
one of the states of the chalkboard of the Rule The School says 'I Shall Not Scam' a few times, this is a reference to the into of The Simpsons where bart writes on the Chalkboard.

Habbo Hotel Hits

The 20 Habbo Hotel Hits you can buy are parodies on real life artists and song names.

Name Easter Egg
Habbo de Gaia - Electric Pixels ??? by Banco De Gaia
Habnosis - Tapes from Goa ???
Habbocalpytica - Epic Flail ??? by Apocalyptica
Silent Aurora - Xmas Magic Silent Night
Rage Against the Fuse - Who Dares Stacks ??? by Rage Against the Machine
DJ Bobba - Galactic Disco ft. Habboway ???
Rage Against the Fuse - Alley Cat In Trouble ??? by Rage Against the Machine
Aerokid - Party Trax ??? by Aerosmith
Michael Bauble - Habbowood Hollywood by Michael Bublé
Aerokid - Phuturistic Chilled Trax ??? by Aerosmith
Lady BlaBla - Furni Face Poker Face by Lady GaGa
Pixel! at the Disco - I Write Bans not Tragedies I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At The Disco
Kanye Quest - The Good Trade The Good Life by Kanye West ft T-Pain
Pixel! at the Disco - The Ballad of Bonnie Blonde The Balled of Mona Lisa by Panic! At The Disco
BanzaiBabes - Push the Call for Help Push The Button by the Sugababes
BanzaiBabes - About HC Now About you Now by the Sugababes
Kanye Quest - Touch the Skyscraper Touch the Sky by Kanye West
Lady BlaBla - Pixelrazzi Paparazzi by Lady GaGa
BanzaiBabes - Too Lost in Lido Too Lost in You by the Sugababes
Kanye Quest - Gold Coin Digger Gold Digger by Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx
Kallomies - Sounds That Fit Double Rainbows Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What a Wonderful World by Isreal Kamakawiwo'Ole
Michael Bauble - Haven't Friend Request You Yet Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Bublé
Lady BlaBla - Pet Romance Bad Romance by Lady GaGa

Movie Magic: Parody Palooza

The Movie Magic campaign in 2014 brought a lot of parody movie posters into the hotel.

Name Image Easter Egg
Avatar Editor Avatar
Bobbaro My Neighbour Totoro
Dark Duck Decends Batman, The Dark Knight Rises
Get Frank Kill Bill
Habbo Club Fight Club
M.O.D M.I.B (Man In Black)
Revenge of the cheeps Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
The Ducket List The Bucket List
The Rabbit The Hobbit
The Rabbit 2 The Hobbit 2
Sing Song King Kong

Habbo Camera Easter Eggs

There are some pretty cool easter eggs to find when to take a photo and preview it afterwards. Furniture will show extra stuff or dissapear completely.

To accomplish this all you have to do is take a photo, click edit and preview the easter egg will show up.

Christmas 2015: Bavarian Christmas

Image Easter Egg

Halloween 2015: Habbocalypse

Image Easter Egg

May 2016: Stranded Jungle

Furni: Strange Aura Easter Egg Easter Egg Easter Egg

Other References and Easter Eggs

Image Easter Egg
Also in the Games Hub, these yellow balls can be found and popped. This is a Pacman reference.
3 small Piccolo statues can be found in the Hall Of Habbo public room.
In the Pixel Night Diamond Painting, released in 2015, you can see a blue flying telephone box. This is a reference to the British science fiction programme Dr. Who.
Habbo in October 2020 released Creepy Living Room Bundle as part of the Habboween campaign Impossible House, which contained an Easter egg to the hallway scene from the 1980 horror movie, The Shining.
The Pro Gamer Collection Shelves from the Pro Gamer Bundle contains two figures of Frank and Picolo on the top shelf.
The Gamer Plushy also from the previous mentioned Pro Gamer Bundle is a reference to Link from the game franchise Zelda


  • The Habbocalypse Cloud Easter egg is a reference to Lakitu, The koopa on a cloud from Super Mario
  • The Museum of Habbo owned by Attached is the best place to test the Easter Eggs, he has all the furniture.
  • The Icon of the Strange Artifact has a bunny that says LOL