Yellow Road Barrier

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Yellow Road Barrier
Motto: No trespassing, please!
Release date: January 2007
Rare Values
Category: V11 Rares

The Yellow Road Barrier is a rare that was uploaded amongst various other V11 Rares, including Traffic Lights and Inflatable Chairs. Unlike most of the V11 Rares, very few colours of Road Barriers were made available - Yellow, Red and White (even less than the number of coloured Traffic Lights available).

The Yellow Road Barrier is often used rooms with Automobile furniture items (from the old Pixels section of the catalogue) and sometimes in the Habbo games "Team Races" and/or "Mario Kart". It is best accompanied with Traffic Lights, One Way Gates and potentially Football furniture (if a user desires to place Barriers around his/her football stadium).

The first recorded release of this item was in January 2007 on (around the same time as the White Road Barrier).