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When to use:

This template should be used to create navbox templates for different topics or categories.






The Title and the Group should be existing pages. You may have up-to twelve different groups. Categories can only be used in the format:


Group should be in this format in most cases:


List must be in the format:

[[Link1]] {{·}} [[Link2]] {{·}} [[Link3]]


|list1= [[Habbox History]] {{·}} [[Habbox Staff]] {{·}} [[Habbox Official Rooms]] {{·}} [[Habbox Badge Events|Habbox Badge Events]] {{·}} [[Habbox Charity Work]] 
|group2=[[Habbox Departments]]
|list2=[[Habbox Forum]] {{·}} [[HabboxLive]] {{·}} [[Habbox Articles]] {{·}} [[Habbox Rare Values]] {{·}} [[Habbox Content Design]] {{·}} [[Habbox Events]] {{·}} [[Habbox Competitions]] {{·}} [[Habbox Graphics]] {{·}} [[Habbox Help Desk]] {{·}} [[Habbox Site Coders]] {{·}} [[Habbox Room Builders]]
|group3= [[Former Habbox Roles|Former Habbox Departments]]
|list3= [[Former_Habbox_Roles#Productions|Habbox Productions]] {{·}} [[Pixel Art Department]] {{·}} [[Habbox News]] {{·}} [[Former_Habbox_Roles#Habbox_TV|Habbox TV]] {{·}} [[Habbox Recruitment Advisors]]
|group4=[[Habbox#|Habbox Websites]]
|list4=[[Habbox|Habbox.com]] {{·}} [[HabboxForum]] {{·}} [[HabboxWiki]]
|group5=Former Habbox Websites
|list5=[[Habbox Status]] {{·}} [[HabboxLive]] {{·}} [[Former_Habbox_Roles#Habbox_TV|HabboxTV]]
|group6=Habbox Annual Events
|list6=[[Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza ‎]] {{·}} [[HabboxStarz]] {{·}} [[Habbox Summer Spectacular]] {{·}} [[Habboxween]] {{·}} [[Habboxmas]] {{·}} [[Habbox Christmasoke]]
|group7=Habbox Past Events
|list7=[[Back 2 School]] {{·}} [[Christmas Cracker]] {{·}} [[Draw My Thing]] {{·}} [[Habbox in the park]] {{·}} [[Habbox Christmas Bonanza]] {{·}} [[Habbox Big Brother]] {{·}} [[Habbox Olympics]] {{·}} [[Habbox School]] {{·}} [[I'm a Habbo... Get Me Out of Here!]] {{·}} [[The Valentine's Vault]] {{·}} [[Xmas Factor]]
|group8=The Habbox Awards
|list8=[[Habbox Awards 2012|2012]] {{·}} [[Habbox Awards 2013|2013]] {{·}} [[Habbox Awards 2014|2014]] {{·}} [[Habbox Awards 2015|2015]] {{·}} [[Habbox Awards 2016|2016]] {{·}} [[Habbox Awards 2017|2017]] {{·}} [[Habbox Awards 2018|2018]] {{·}} [[Habbox Awards 2019|2019]] {{·}} [[Habbox Awards 2020|2020]]

How to implement:

This template is fairly complicated to implement initially. First you must section the pages you want in the nav boxes into groups, these groups need to be named after the page which groups them together. For example "Habbox_Websites" could be a page and group for "Habbox_Forum", "Habbox_com" and "Habbox_Wiki". The page does not need to be complicated, it can even just be a list of it's constituent parts (Although a bit of information about criteria for the group may be helpful).

Once you have done this take all those pages for that group and put them in a line each surrounded with "[[" and "]]", with "{{·}}" between them, this will add a separating bullet point. This can be "list1" and the group-page, "group1" do the same for your other groups and set a general title for the navbox (Must be an existing page) for "title", place all these values into their corresponding locations on the format shown above.

Once you have done this copy the code into a new page, this MUST be named in the format "Template:NavBox_<title>" (Replace <title> with your navbox's title). You can then include the NavBox onto any page you want (Preferably at the bottom) with {{NavBox_<title>}}.

Under no circumstances should you use this template directly on a page, only on other templates, as this can break very fast and makes updating very difficult.