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When to use:

This template is only to be used on pages created as part of WikiHelp. Unless you have been instructed to do so, you should not use this template.






The Title and the Group should be existing pages. You may have up-to twelve different groups. Categories can only be used in the format:


Group should be in this format in most cases:


List must be in the format:

[[Link1]] {{·}} [[Link2]] {{·}} [[Link3]]


HelpIcon.gif WikiHelp
FormattingHelp:Tables · Help:Editing Conventions · Help:Formatting · Help:Grammar
MediaHelp:Galleries · Help:Creating GIFs · Help:File Conventions · Help:Images
NavigationHelp:Categorising · Help:Creating A Category · Help:Links and References · Help:Namespace
Page GuidesHelp:Games Pages · Help:Fansite Pages · Help:Habbox Staff Pages · Help:Pet Pages ·
|list2=[[Help:Tables]] {{·}} [[Help:Editing Conventions]] {{·}} [[Help:Formatting]] {{·}} [[Help:Grammar]]
|list3=[[Help:Galleries]] {{·}} [[Help:Creating GIFs]] {{·}} [[Help:File Conventions]] {{·}} [[Help:Images]]
|list4=[[Help:Categorising]] {{·}} [[Help:Creating A Category]] {{·}} [[Help:Links and References]] {{·}} [[Help:Namespace]]
|group5=Page Guides
|list5=[[Help:Games Pages]] {{·}} [[Help:Fansite Pages]] {{·}} [[Help:Habbox Staff Pages]] {{·}} [[Help:Pet Pages]] {{·}} 

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