Palm Chair

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Moon Lamp
Motto: Watch out for coconuts.
Release date: March 2008
Rare Values
Category: Ecotron

The Palm Chair was obtainable via the 1st version of the Ecotron the second time a player recycled their Furni. Before the merge the ability to gain the item was removed when the 2nd version of the Ecotron, including the Pear Tree and Orange Tree was released.

Due to the way the Palm Chair was obtainable it was originally classed as a Super Rare as it wasn't available via a competition or as a direct purchase in the Catalogue, however Super Rare classification has since changed in order to be more concerned with scarcity and value.

The chair wasn't the most successful Eco item with the likes of the Water Garden and Moon Lamp doing better in terms of value. The Palm Chair is often used in Summer or Tiki themed rooms due to its appearance.

It can usually be found in the MarketPlace or trading shops. Its motto is 'Watch out for coconuts.'