Water Garden

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Water Garden
Motto: Self watering
Release date: March 2007
Rare Values
Category: Ecotron
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Water Garden was a prize available from version one of the Ecotron. It required players to recycle 30 items of Furni to receive it and first appeared on the Finnish Hotel in March 2007.

After the end of version one of the Ecotron, the Water Garden became unobtainable from the Catalogue but can still be found in the MarketPlace or shops. The Water Garden is somewhat unique in appearance and shape; no alternatives or recolours have been released of it.

Due to the way the Water Garden was obtainable it was originally classed as a Super Rare as it wasn't available via a competition or as a direct purchase in the Catalogue, however Super Rare classification has since changed in order to be more concerned with scarcity and value.