Black Inflatable Chair

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Black Inflatable Chair
Motto: Soft and tearproof!
Rare Values
Category: V11 Rares

The Black Inflatable Chair is a rare that was uploaded amongst various other V11 Rares, including Traffic Lights and One Way Gates. It is one of the rarest Inflatable Chairs available (with the Ocean Inflatable Chair being the other) and entered existence on (International) due to it being released on and in the catalogue prior to the English-speaking hotel merge. This was the only Inflatable Chair to be released via a competion/reward on


The Black Inflatable Chair has been spotted on six hotels and released on all of them. Here is a complete list of release information:

  • - Sold in the catalogue.
  • - Sold in the catalogue in January 2008.
  • - Sold in the catalogue in July 2008.
  • - Given out as a competition prize.
  • - Given out as a prize/reward.
  • - Sold in the catalogue in January 2008 (in the Club Shop).