Army Plasto Chair

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Army Plasto Chair
Army plasto chair.gif
Release date 2001
Category Arcane Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Army Plasto Chair (also known as the "Army Plasto") is an Arcane Rare which was first seen on Habbo in 2001. Similarly to the Aloe Vera this furniture item was scripted (except that the Army Plasto Chair was never released as a competition prize or into the catalogue) rather than be entered through the catalogue.

The chair was first seen in the Finnish hotel in 2001, but was scripted into the UK hotel. After the merge, the value went up extremely quickly, as there were very limited numbers on the International hotel due to the UK hotel being the only hotel merged with this furniture.

Due to their rarity it's often sold for more in trades.


There are fourty confirmed examples of the Army Plasto Chair on Out of these only three are on active accounts.

Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client) Number Owner Status Updated
:)) and Cred shop ye 22 Lewk Banned 02-Feb-2017
Kickwars 1v1 7 ImpAttack Inactive 02-Feb-2017
Not In Room 3 louisvuitton Inactive 02-Feb-2017
Diminish my reign from 2006 2 Hachette Inactive 02-Feb-2017
The Habbo Experience 1 DJ_Shadow Active 02-Feb-2017
Ice Tea 1 tm Inactive 02-Feb-2017
The Dusty Pixel Collections - Room 3 1 Rouelles Inactive 02-Feb-2017
Retro 1 Meteors Inactive 02-Feb-2017
life in plastic 1 gissberg Active 02-Feb-2017
Super Rares 1 404 Inactive 02-Feb-2017
Rare/Super Shop 7 steffnai Active 11-Oct-2018
NEED MONSTER PLANT BREEDING PARTNERS 1 sprite27 Inactive 12-Oct-2018
Plasto Paradise 1 chidiva Active 13-Dec-2018
v6 1 Zh Banned 31-May-2020
- Just Rare Room - 1 Profile Active 27-July-2020
Total 50

Note: A user is considered inactive if they have not logged in for over a week.


Although an Army Plasto Chair was added to the Habbo externals in 2001, the "Army Plasto Pod Chair", "Army Plasto Round Dining Table", "Army Plasto Square Dining Table" and "Army Plasto Occasional Table" were not added until much later (Around 2009/2010).

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