Red Theatre Seat

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Red Theatre Seat
Hw chair.gif
Release date September 2007

The Red Theatre Seat (trio) is a rare furni released in September 2007 for the release of Habbowood furniture.

Upon buying this furniture for 25 Credits in the catalogue, you used to receive 3 of these seats, hence why it was released under the name "Theatre Seat Trio" at first. It was the first time Habbo gave you three rares for the price of one. This hasn't been done since.

The seat can be double clicked to interact with. Each time you double click it, the arm of the seat will open (and close if double clicked again) and a tray will appear. There are 3 types of trays that comes from the chair: 1 Empty Tray, 2: Tray with popcorn 3: Tray with drink.


Eventually over time 2 recolors of the seat has been released. These were not sold as rare and called Habbowood chair instead.