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The Hotel View is the background image

Denmark Hotel View before BETA

which is displayed when you load the Habbo Client, get kicked out of a room or choose to go to Hotel View. It has had many changes over the past few years, but for the first few years on Habbo it remained unchanged. Before 2007, the hotel view had a purpose of enabling users to log in (or create an account) and allowing you to go somewhere if you were busy.

However, in 2007 the log in and account creation function was removed and the hotel view became solely used for a place to go if you were busy and they remained an attractive image to look out whilst waiting for the hotel to load (they also informed you of how far along the hotel had loaded for you).

Before Summer 2009, each hotel had a unique hotel view. So the Australian hotel view would look different to the French hotel view. This changed during the Flash upgrade of hotels and all hotels eventually had the same one. The only time the hotels did not have the same in BETA was if a hotel had not had its view updated to the same version as another hotel.

BETA Hotel Views

The main difference of the hotel view in Habbo BETA, was that the hotel appeared a lot bigger and more detailed and there was no longer animation on it. The new image was updated slightly during major events (such as the release of Battle Banzai and Wired furniture) and the main design updates were focused on the image inside the magnifying glass.

During the early years of the BETA hotel view you could open the catalogue, submit a help request, check your console and open the navigator. After a long time (when the toolbar was updated), you could no longer submit a help request but all other functions remained. You could also

Spring Hotel View 2012

view your friend bar, friend stream and play Snow Storm from the hotel view due to an update in late 2011.

In 2012, the hotel view received a massive update and the image of a hotel was literally gone. In its place there were pieces of information about the latest events, links to quests, a Twitter feed and other intriguing designs. Many people disliked this new hotel view because there was hardly any of the hotel showing.

Shortly after this time, people began to realise what a good idea the new hotel view actually was. After continuous client updates, this hotel view remained. Now, it's automatic that when a new article is posted, a small image and partly text would be added to the hotel view. The hotel view background is often edited to fit the season, Habbo staff are also able to advertise the latest campaigns with cute images and bright colours to catch attention.