Exotic Pets

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Exotic Pets
Exotic pets.png
Release date March 2017
Available from: MarketPlace

Exotic Pets were a collection of Catalogue rares that were released daily between the 20th - 27th March 2017. They were all available for a period of 24 hours before the next rare was released.

The Exotic Pets cost 25 Credits and 25 Diamonds, similarly to the previous Catalogue rares such as the King Crab Tank. Each Exotic Pet has two states whereby one appears in a glass tank and one without. They all came with a badge upon purchase directly from the Catalogue, and players who purchased all 8 items received a 'Mega Collector' badge.

Exotic Pets

Name Images Release Date Badge
Exotic Birds ExoticBirds.gifBirds.png 20th March 2017 ExoticBirdsCollector.gif
Fruit Bat FruitBat.gifBat.png 21st March 2017 FruitBatCollector.gif
Python Python.gifSnake.png 22nd March 2017 PythonCollector.gif
Chameleon Chameleon.gifChameleon2.png 23rd March 2017 ChameleonCollector.gif
Sloth SlothRare.gifSloth.png 24th March 2017 SlothRareCollector.gif
Chinchilla Chinchilla.gifKoala2.png 25th March 2017 ChinchillaCollector.gif
Tree Frog TreeFrog.gifTree Frog.png 26th March 2017 TreeFrogCollector.gif
Chipmunk Chipmunk.gifBeaver.png 27th March 2017 ChipmunkCollector.gif

Mega Collector Badge