TV Studio (Furniture Line)

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TV Studio
Release date November 2011
Season N/A
Available from: Builders Club

The TV Studio furniture line was first released on 9th November 2011. It included Studio Cameras, Amplifiers and Drums. It was based of the TV Studio public room

Many players were excited for this range due to the musical instruments included such as the Guitar, the studio furniture has been released once more since the original time but still manages to be one of the most expensive ranges. The furni included comes in handy for many events such as Boutique and Habbowood to give that professional feel - it is a wanted range and didn't have any promotions surrounding it.


Name Image Motto
Amplifier 1
Studio Amplifier 1.png
Pump up the bass...
Amplifier 2
Studio Amplifier 2.png
Pump up the bass...
Studio Camera
Studio Camera.png
Crane operated
Stage Couch
Stage Couch.png
For comfy watching
Set of Drums
Set of Drums.png
Wake up the neighbours
Stage Fence
Stage Fence.png
Keep the audience at bay
Stage Fence Corner
Stage Fence Corner.png
Keep the audience at bay
Floor Spotlight
Floor Spotlight.png
Shine it on the celebs
Make it weep
Stage Lights
Stage Lights.png
Lights up your stage big time.
Rainbow Stage Lights
Rainbow Stage Lights.png
Gives you a range of coloured lights!
Red'n'Blue Stage Lights
Red'n'Blue Stage Lights.png
Perfect lighting for any big production.
Mixing Desk
Mixing Desk.png
A must-have for any serious production.
Stage Monitor
Stage Monitor.png
Follow the show
Stage Chair
Stage Chair.png
For busy producers
Stage Screen
Studio Screen.png
Follow the show

Habbo Big Brother

To advertise the new furniture line, Habbo opened up a competition called Habbo Big Brother in November 2011. The competition required players predicting who would win the Habbo Big Brother - they were given 4 contestants to choose from.

They had to choose from these: Winner displayed in bold

1. Chad "Chaz" Jones 2. Victoria Vendetta 3. Linsey Logan 4. Leon Cooper

30 winners were randomly to win a TV Studio Furniture set as well as the Big Brother Badge. Habbo also announced that another 25 random winners who had been voting the eliminations correctly would also win the furniture set too.

Winners for selecting the winner

  • Ace2012TheSad
  • -Baby-Marish-
  • CornisAmazing
  • D.J.2.
  • -Explaining
  • G.c.magic
  • Hazim9807
  • Jessr16
  • [email protected]
  • Kingaiden007
  • Louise2742
  • Messi10009
  • Motorliawy
  • Nattie17
  • Occupants
  • PerryPotter
  • QuickSeating
  • [email protected]
  • SafePromise
  • Serevian
  • Tottenhamaj
  • Valdenan
  • -WazUp
  • Yow
  • Zillion.
  • Zipedtight-xo

Winners for previous eliminations

  • .::XASTONX::.
  • .:ShadowKnight
  • Phear
  • Jodelinaa
  • Kerbang
  • ,Parachutes
  • Edgecrusher
  • Fakke
  • Hexit
  • Albanjia
  • Aurear
  • Hitten.
  • Young-mace23
  • MochaLover
  • MusicalMica
  • TallMazza
  • Rendezvous?
  • Fuzzy::Poop
  • UnaccptblPnties
  • TommyLovesPie
  • Xdiogox522
  • Skatermonish
  • TacoFart
  • Twirl
  • Moha