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Release date: April 2012
Available from: Unknown
Habbo Nuts Promo Header

Nuts was a form of currency on Habbo that was introduced during Easter 2012.

Unlike previous currencies such as Horseshoes and Seashells, the only way to gain Nuts was to purchase Credits from the Habbo shop or by Earn Credit offers.

Nuts were a predecessor to the permanent Diamonds point system (which was introduced later in 2012) for rewarding users who bought Credits. Both Nuts and Diamonds were implemented on user suggestion to promote Credit sales and discourage Black Market Credit purchasing.

Cost of Nuts

When credits were bought, players also received the same number of Nuts. The following were the prices during the promotion:

Via Credit Card payment:

Coins and Nuts Price (GBP) Price (USD)
40 £5 $8
80 £10 $16
220 £25 $40
490 £50 $81

Via mobile phone payment:

Coins and Nuts Price (GBP) Price (USD)
11 £1.50 $2.40
25 £3 $5
40 £5 $8



Badge name Badge Description
Nut Spender Level I For spending 1 Nuts
Nut Spender Level II For spending 100 Nuts
Nut Spender Level III For spending 1000 Nuts


The Community Challenge if users spent enough nuts

Users could exchange Nuts for many items from the Shop, with the exception of Credit Furni items, Rares, Pets and Pixel furni items. Nuts had the same value as a Credit (effectively a temporary Double Credits deal). If enough Nuts were spent in a certain Hotel, a VIP deal was released (12 months for 100 Credits - which users could gain a special Diamond VIP badge if they purchased), a furni release (believed to be the return of Habbowood and a new pet.

Some Furni ranges were reintroduced to the Catalogue during the Nuts offer, including Bensalem and Habbowood.Black recolours of popular furni lines were also introduced to the catalogue: Diner, Mode, Iced, Area and Romantique.

New items were also introduced to the catalogue during the Nuts campaign, including the first six Limited Edition Rares.

Nuts had to be spent by 12 April 2012, although this was extended after user demand to 15 April 2012.

Furni Image Date released
Platinum Bar 04-Apr-2012
Black Leviathan 04-Apr-2012
Cherry Tree 05-Apr-2012
Black Scifi Pod 06-Apr-2012
Black Dino Egg 07-Apr-2012
Executive Drinks Cabinet 07-Apr-2012
Red Theatre Curtain 08-Apr-2012

During the campaign, the Bunnies pet range was also first introduced. Originally, they were planned to not be available to purchase with Nuts, but when Habbo extended the Nuts redemption period, they allowed users to purchase Rabbits with Nuts too.

Only the White Bunny was released during this campaign.

Name Image Price Description
White Rabbit 10c (or 10 Nuts) Meet your new best friend! Cute, furry and kind, the rabbit is as lovable as he is hungry!


  • Many of the codes in Habbo's game files refer to this currency as Peanuts - for example, all the badges are named ACH_SPENDPEANUTS.