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Loyalty Points were a form of currency that were awarded by Habbo for the purchase of Credits, a feature added to the hotel on 26th April 2013. Loyalty Points were able to be redeemed for Credits as well as exclusive rare furniture.

One point was awarded for each Credit that was purchased, although if 120 Credits were purchased in one month, an additional 120 Loyalty Points would be awarded on top of any earned already.

In the case of a Double Credits offer, where twice the amount of Credits could be bought for the price of one, the number of Loyalty Points gained still remained the same.

On the 17th of June 2014, Loyalty Points were removed and replaced with Diamonds[1]. The currency system was mostly the same except the rewards were revamped with new furniture, including Credit exchangeable ones, as well an option of Builders Club subscription.

Loyalty Rewards

The following items could be purchased with Loyalty Points before the use of Diamonds.

Name Icon Image Loyalty Points
Bronze Coin Bronze Coin Bronze Coin 10 points
Silver Coin Silver Coin Silver Coin 50 points
Gold Coin Gold Coin Gold Coin 100 points
Sack of Coins Sack of Coins Sack of Coins 200 points
Loyal Dragon Loyal Dragon Loyal Dragon 300 points
Loyal Griffin Loyal Griffin Loyal Griffin 500 points
Loyal Elk Loyal Elk Loyal Elk 700 points
Loyal Mouse Loyal Mouse Loyal Mouse 1000 points
Loyal Toad Loyal Toad Loyal Toad 1500 points
Crystal Loyalty Statue Crystal Loyalty Statue Crystal Loyal Statue 800 points
Loyal Dolphin - Loyal Dolphin 240 points
Headonistic Pig - Headonistic Pig 300 points