Platinum Bar

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Platinum Bar
Release date April 2011
Category Super Rare
Exchange Furni
Worth: 500 Credits

The Platinum Bar was a limited type of currency available on hotels. It was originally released on the 4th April 2011 and it was worth 500 Credits. The Platinum Bar differs from every other form of currency due to it being worth a lot more than the others available such as the Gold Bar and Sack Of Coins. It was released without the Credit Exchange so players didn't have to spend anymore than 500 Credits on it.

It was first released to go alongside the Limited Edition Rares campaign which included Black Leviathans and Cherry Trees. With it being a limited currency it was also said that it wouldn't return to the Catalogue again.

For a Christmas and Diamonds campaign the Platinum Bar was released for 500 Diamonds - this caused outrage due to it being limited and shouldn't have been released again. It was removed a couple of days later from the Catalogue and hasn't been released again.

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