Executive Ice Cream Maker

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Executive Ice Cream Maker
Release date 2018
Category New Rares
Ice Cream Machines
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Executive Ice Cream Maker, commonly known as a Black Ice Cream Machine, is a Ice Cream Machine on Habbo.com. Before 2018 there were only 2 in the entire hotel and it was considered an Ultra Rare with only Tiny-Cypriot holding one and RadMatter holding the other. However, due to consistent involvement in casinos and grabbers even after the Dice Ban, RadMatter was IP tradelocked permanently meaning there was only one in circulation. This was later sold to Akimbo who also got permanently banned with the last tradeable Ice Cream Machine. In January 2018 it was released for a limited time into the shop for 75 Credits and and 75 Diamonds. A decision made by Habbo likely due to them being out of circulation and requested by the trading community.


There are two rumours surrounding the origins of the Executive Ice Cream Maker.

One is that the two machines were given to the user FieryCold as compensation for a rare he possessed that was supposedly the only one in the hotel - until more of the rares were given away as prizes for another competition. Some users have accused FieryCold of lying, as he was reported to have lost the rare in a bet a long time before receiving the supposed compensation items.

The second explanation for how FieryCold received the machines is through a little-known-about competition run by Grecian9 on Facebook, to design a presidential campaign room,[1] which is believed to have taken place around the US Presidential Elections in November, 2012.


FieryCold sold the Ice Cream Maker for a reported 105 thrones when thrones were seven gold bars each (735GB) to Psychopathologicaly. The latter then sold it to current owner RadMatter for 400 gold bars. The value of the machine has since dropped after being made available in the shop.



In January 2018 the machine was released in the catalogue for 75 Credits and and 75 Diamonds. It came with an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 820 Habbos have this badge meaning there is at least this number of Executive Ice Cream Makers on the hotel, which demoted it from an Ultra Rare to a New Rare.


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