Bicolour Pigtails

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Bicolour Pigtails
Clothing r20 quinn.png
Release date February 2020
Category New Rares

Bicolour Pigtails is a rare hairstyle released on 7 February in the Valentines Day 2020 campaign. It cost 25 Credits and 25 Diamonds and can be bind or be traded like all hair styles and clothing.

Parody / Resemblance

The hair resembles the Harley Quinn hairstyle from Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey (played by the australian actress Margot Robbie) and does have a two-toned color scheme which can be recolored by the user.

The only thing different between the movie hairstyle and the rare is that in the movie only the tails of the hairstyle are colored, while the rare, the complete sides of the hairstyle can be colored. Habbo probably did this to avoid copyright sentences.



Every user who purchase the Bicolour Pigtails will also receive a badge

According to Habbowidgets 849 Habbos have this badge