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The landing page for MyCoke with a similar style navigator to Habbo Hotel

MyCoke originally called Coke Music, or Coke Studios, was a campaign for Sulake at the start of 2002, it was their first gaming project that involved a brand outside of the Sulake name. It was brought out under the Coca Cola brand and gave competition.

It was often compared to Habbo and the client was named Coke Studios likewise to how Habbo used to be Habbo Hotel. The aim was to create a room virtually which let player's imagination run wild to make the room usable in various ways.

The characters on MyCoke were named 'V-ego' and similar to some hotels powered by Sulake the client for MyCoke was only accessible from 10:00am-02:00am EST. There were other versions available in other countries; the British version operated until 31st July 2006.


Coke Music

Rooms were available on MyCoke and they were split into two categories, Private Rooms for players to create whatever they wanted and Official Rooms, similar to Public Rooms on Habbo. Private Rooms were created by players and they were allowed a maximum of 12 but this later increased to 20; they could use their own furniture in the room to decorate, this included wallpaper, flooring and a Catalogue with various ranges available. Players had to buy the items they required for their rooms therefore needed to increase their wealth with the currency available on MyCoke. Rights were also available in Private Rooms which allowed players to kick users but also move and rotate furniture. Public Rooms usually resembled real life areas and enabled user to interact with them by playing music, walking, chatting etc. They couldn't place their own items in the room or kick other players. Mainly, the rooms were based on real life cities such as Sydney and London.


Like Habbo, MyCoke featured many different ranges of furniture. Although not many different styles, there was a distinct aesthetic theme throughout MyCoke's furniture.

*Note that some furniture may be missing


Name Image Cost Range
Premier Studio Chair 500 dB Premier
Premier Stool 450 dB Premier
Premier Sofa 625 dB Premier
Premier Coffee Table 450 dB Premier
Premier Studio Table 950 dB Premier
Premier Hi-Fi Stereo 500 dB Premier
Premier Studio Fridge 500 dB Premier
Premier Studio Lamp 450 dB Premier

5001 Series

Name Image Cost Range
5001 Series Cushioned 500 dB 5001 Series
5001 Series Stool 450 dB 5001 Series
5001 Series Sofa 625 dB 5001 Series
5001 Series Coffee Table 450 dB 5001 Series
5001 Series Large Table 950 dB 5001 Series
5001 Series Sound System 500 dB 5001 Series
5001 Series Fridge 500 dB 5001 Series
5001 Series Cube Light 450 dB 5001 Series

Studio Essentials

Name Image Cost Range
A Rack Full of the Latest Tech Gear 450 dB Studio Essentials
A Vintage Vinyl Sampler Rack! 900 dB Studio Essentials
Wood Speaker 450 dB Studio Essentials
Microphone 100 dB Studio Essentials
Cables and Wires 50 dB Studio Essentials
Television 575 dB Studio Essentials
Premier Studio Speaker 650 dB Studio Essentials
10 Blank CD's 50 dB Studio Essentials


Name Image Cost Range
Premier Seperator 600 dB Necessities
Premier Studio Seperator 400 dB Necessities
Acoustic Padding 450 dB Necessities
Plant 300 dB Necessities
Tulips 75 dB Necessities
Swirly Carpet 400 dB Necessities
Straw Mat n/a Necessities
Furry Rug 300 dB Necessities
White Seperator 225 dB Necessities
Beige Seperator 225 dB Necessities
Orange Seperator 225 dB Necessities
Yellow Seperator 225 dB Necessities
Green Seperator 225 dB Necessities
Steel Seperator 225 dB Necessities
Blue Seperator 225 dB Necessities
Grey Seperator 225 dB Necessities
Aquarium 1000 db Necessities
Hardwood Dance Floor 650 dB Necessities
Futuristic Chair 450 dB Necessities
Fake Leopard Couch 750 dB Necessities
Stylish Zebra Couch 750 dB Necessities
Grunge Couch 625 dB Necessities
Messy Table 500 dB Necessities
Set of Teleports 1500 dB Necessities
Messy Box 250 dB Necessities
Coke Machine 1500 dB Necessities
Coke Jukebox 1500 dB Necessities
Coca-Cola Diner Seating 500 dB Necessities
Coca-Cola Diner Table 500 dB Necessities
Maximum Disco Fever 2500 dB Necessities
Old Fridge 450 dB Necessities
Retro Boom Box 450 dB Necessities
Instant Bookshelf 500 dB Necessities
Mass-Produced Light 450 dB Necessities
Instant Table 625 dB Necessities
Funky Chair 450 dB Necessities
Stylish Couch 625 dB Necessities
Ride the Waves 625 dB Necessities
Used TV 500 dB Necessities
Beach Chair 200 dB Necessities
Black Street Light 625 dB Necessities
Spider Web 200 dB Necessities
Urban Window 400 dB Necessities
Ocean View Window 400 dB Necessities
Green Curtains 250 dB Necessities
Grey Street Light 625 dB Necessities
Kitchen Fridge 1050 dB Necessities
Kitchen Stove 950 dB Necessities
Kitchen Sink 750 dB Necessities
Kitchen Cupboard 500 dB Necessities
Bookshelf 650 dB Necessities
Fireplace 650 dB Necessities
TV and Wall Unit 600 dB Necessities
Winter Window 400 dB Necessities
Big Heart 100 dB Necessities
Infinite Jukebox Player 100 dB Necessities
Random Number Generator 100 dB Necessities
Random Number Generator 100 dB Necessities
Random Letter Generator 100 dB Necessities
Random Letter Generator 100 dB Necessities
Neccessities 8 100 dB Necessities

Coke Collection

Name Image Cost Range
Retro Coca-Cola Vending Machine 950 dB Coke Collection
Coca-Cola Leather Chair 650 dB Coke Collection
Coca-Cola Cooler 200 dB Coke Collection
Coca-Cola Polar Bear 800 dB Coke Collection
Coca-Cola CD Player 450 dB Coke Collection
Coca-Cola Lava Lamp 950 dB Coke Collection
Coca-Cola Neon Sign 2000 dB Coke Collection
Coca-Cola Red Couch 2500 dB Coke Collection

For Walls

Name Image Cost Range
Blue Guitar 225 dB For Walls
Red Guitar 225 dB For Walls
Trumpet in Frame 225 dB For Walls
Retro Keyboard 225 dB For Walls
Acoustic Foam 225 dB For Walls
Disco Poster 225 dB For Walls
Tropical Sunset Poster 225 dB For Walls
Top-40 Chart 500 dB For Walls

Sumo Rewards

Name Image Range
Virtual Tatami Mat Sumo Reward
Virtual Partition Divider Sumo Reward
Virtual Gong Sumo Reward

MyCoke Rewards

Name Image Range
Gold Award MyCoke Reward
Platinum Award MyCoke Reward
Pinball Machine MyCoke Reward
Mixer MyCoke Reward
Decompression Chamber MyCoke Reward
Vanilla Coke Gumball Machine MyCoke Reward
Bean Bag Chair MyCoke Reward
Wall Shelf MyCoke Reward
Vanilla Coke Machine MyCoke Reward
Vanilla Coke Shelf MyCoke Reward
Trash Can MyCoke Reward
Vanilla Coke Table MyCoke Reward
Eyeball Lamp MyCoke Reward


Name Image Range
Christmas Tree Rare
Happy Holidays! Rare


Name Image Range
Metallic Floor Covering Rare
Recycling Bin Rare
Tire Chair Rare
Table of Gears Rare
Submarine Rare
Comfy Coca-Cola Red Couch Rare
Coca-Cola Pillow Rare
V Ball Rare
Fortune Rare
Parasol Rare
Path Corner Rare
Path Cross Rare
Path Line Rare
Path T Rare
Plasma Lamp Rare
Robot Lamp Rare
Totem Pole 1 Rare
Totem Pole 2 Rare
Totem Pole 3 Rare
Turnstile Rare
Darts Rare
Mirror Rare
DJ Stand Rare
DJ Panel Rare
Washer Rare
Lighthouse Rare
Locker Rare
Robotsuit Rare
Victorian Chair Rare
Victorian Table Rare
Car Rare
Dryer Rare

Shark Tale

Name Image Range
Upscale Accommodations Rare
Diving Suit Rare
Porthole to the Sea Rare
For Emergency Use Only Rare
Watch Out for the Rocks Rare
Pearl Couch Rare
Fishy Rare
Treasure Chest Rare
Ocean Floor Table Rare
Aquatic Divider Rare
Sea Sponge Barrier Rare
Molten Magma Lamp Rare
Coral Mood Light Rare

American Idol

Name Image Range
Comet Curtain Rare
Pop Art Poster Rare
Diva Marquee Rare
Playa Marquee Rare
Street Styles Rare
Wardrobe Trunk Rare
Trophy Case Rare
Piano Rare
Congas Rare
Vintage Amp Rare
Plasma Screen Rare
Star Rug Rare
Royal Throne Rare

Batman Begins

Name Image Range
Hologram Rare
Batman Begins...June 15th Rare
Robot Dog Rare
EA Batman Poster Rare


Decibels (or dB) were the currency of MyCoke, first thought of as the original aim was based around music and sound. There were various ways in which players could earn Decibels and mainly they were by drinking virtual Coca-Colas that were found mainly in crates and vending machines, there were 10 available per day and each time players would receive a message saying they had received '10 DB.' At a maximum, 100 Decibels could be earnt per day. Creating accounts were another way in which players earnt Decibels and some campaigns for the site promised 5000 Decibels to new accounts - similar to how Habbo Retros work; sometimes though, the promise wasn't followed through when making an account. Other ways to earn included filling out surveys whereby a maximum of 500 (later decreased to 200) Decibels were available each time and receiving thumbs up votes gave players 10 Decibels each time too.


There were a couple games that you could participate in to earn furniture (What Coke Music would call Rares). Gongs were earned during the Sumo game where you'd wait in a queue to face someone in this rock, paper, scissors sort of game. If you won fifteen times in a row, you would earn yourself a gong.

There was also an activity nearly identical to Habbo Trax. It would net you some decibels and you could vote for other people's songs, giving them a thumbs up. The same mini-game was replicated in Virtual Magic Kingdom (another creation by Sulake).


  • Shark Tale (2004)

This was one of the main promotions for Coke Music during the release of the film Shark Tale in October 2004. They held various activities and games that were Shark Tale-themed to earn special furniture in-game. The furniture was valuable and rare and often cited as more popular than Gongs that you could win from the Sumo game.

  • American Idol (2005, 2006)

American Idol joined forces with Coca Cola for a promotion during April 2005 and 2006. This included the release of many mundane rare furniture within the game. Items during this period could be obtained from a code inside the cap of a Coca Cola drink bottle and redeemed in-game for a random item of furniture.

  • Batman Begins (2005)

This feature of the film included a promotional cinema screen furniture in-game and poster showing the promotional poster for Batman Begins for June the 15th 2005 release, which also in turn sponsored Kodak Gallery. The normal poster sponsored EA.


In July 2007, they regrettably closed their doors after a huge decrease in the number of players due to frequent glitches and some fradulent activity by users.

Coke Music was instead turned into CC Metro. It was based on, a virtual world that was somewhat popular in the 2000s and which was developed by Makena Technologies. CC Metro was launched in December of 2007, and it only stayed open for three years. Those who earned furniture on Coke Music had their items converted into the currency used on CC Metro. As of 2010, nothing from Coke Music in terms of a virtual world has been announced since.


This is a collection of Images that represent how MyCoke was. It also showcases some Public rooms, promotions and furniture that is not listed above.


  • You could only sign up for the US version if you were a resident of the United States. So in theory, users hailing from other countries were not allowed and the promotions were only valid in North America. This was easily bypassed however, you could simply search the Internet for American zip codes and input them in the registration form. The issue was that you could be banned after a while if your IP showed that you were located in another country.
  • Old-time users from MyCoke are attempting to recreate the game. This has proven to be a difficult task due to the client and server files being outdated and hard to configure. The client also ran on Shockwave Player which is not officially supported anymore.
  • This is not the only Habbo-like virtual world created by Sulake for third party companies. Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) existed from 2005 to 2008 and was developed by Sulake for Disney. It was free but you could win exclusive in-game items when you visited the Disney parks and participated in events.