Habbo 15 Rare Prize Balloon

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Habbo 15 Rare Prize Balloon
Motto: What's inside?
Release date: July 2015 (Habbo.co.uk)
Rare Values
Category: Habbo 15

The Habbo 15 Rare Prize Balloon was an item that could either be bought or won during the Habbo 15 Birthday campaign. The Rare Prize Balloons were the only balloons to contain rare furniture items. The Maroon Rares was released for this campaign and opening a Rare Prize Balloon was the only way to obtain these rares. The balloon could be bought for a prize of 75 Credits and 75 Diamonds every Tuesday throughout July until the 15th of August, meaning that you only had 5 days to buy these balloons. Players could also be within the chance of winning a Rare Prize Balloon by opening the yellow Habbo 15 Rare Prize Balloons that they received free each day.

Once a balloon had been won or bought, it needed to be placed within the room for it to be popped. To do this you had to open your inventory, find the balloon, click on it, and then click Place In Room. Once it was in the room it could be opened by either double-clicking on the balloon or walking underneath it. That would pop the balloon to reveal one of the available rares.

Maroon Rares

All of the Maroon Rares were re-colours of various Classic, V7, and V11 Rares.

Name Picture
Maroon Amber Lamp
Maroon Classic Pillar
Maroon Dragon Lamp
Maroon Elephant
Maroon Fountain
Maroon Ice Cream Maker
Maroon Laser Portal
Maroon Marquee
Maroon Oriental Door
Maroon Parasol
Maroon Pillow
Maroon Powered Fan
Maroon Sleeping Bag
Maroon Smoke Machine
Maroon Spaceship Door


  • The Maroon Oriental Door is misspelled as 'Door' while it's an Oriental Screen