Habbo 15 Prize Balloon

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Habbo 15 Prize Balloon
Motto: What's inside?
Release date: July 2015 (Habbo.co.uk)
Rare Values
Category: Habbo 15

The Habbo 15 Prize Balloon was given out for the 15th anniversary of Habbo and worked similarly to the Pinatas and Crackable Eggs Habbo released in previous campaigns. Unlike the others, the balloons were popped instantly when the owner of it double clicked or walked under it, doing so left a gift box with a prize ranging from Duckets to Habbo 15 Rare Prize Balloons.

Every day a player logged in on an account with a verified email address through July and August they received a balloon in the chance of winning something worthwhile and rare. The balloons were tradable, which meant players could sell the balloons for a lot of Credits before an influx of them were released.

Popping The Balloon

Once a balloon had been received, it needed to be placed with in the room for it to be popped. To do this you had to open your inventory, find the balloon, click on it and then click Place In Room. Once it was in the room it could be opened by either double clicking on the balloon or walked underneath it. That would pop the balloon to reveal one of the following prizes:

Furni Prizes

Although you had to open a Rare Prize Balloon for a chance to receive a rare prize, various furniture was available to be won by popping the regular Prize Balloons too. However, a lot of this furniture was considered to be useless and "junk" furniture by a lot of users. Some of the furniture items that could be won were:

  • Drinks Tray
  • Cupcakes
  • Horse Manure