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Joined habbo: 16-Oct-2013
HxF username: Macklebee
Also known as: Abdicators
Habbo Staff
Role(s): Software Developer

Macklebee, also known as Dominic, is a developer for Sulake. He originally joined Sulake in 2013 and he often visits (International). While in his most current role for Habbo as a developer, Macklebee has made some development changes to Habbo, most notably the :Habnam and :Moonwalk commands, which were introduced in 2014. At one stage he had over 9000 friends, well above the 1100 limit.

Although Macklebee only became staff in 2013, he has been a long time member of Habbo Hotel UK. His history leads back to 2001 with his older accounts, Abdicators and Myrax. He is also responsible for the public release of FUSE software whilst assisting in the development of retro hotels and the scripting community via RageZone forums. Macklebee later offered advice in the restructuring of the Habbo.SWF (client), helping to stop the development of Retro Hotels by pointing out flaws in Habbo's security. After Macklebee's departure from Sulake gaming on the 28th of April 2017, he has since rejoined Habbo, returning in June 2020 to his former role of software developer.

Habbo Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Software Developer June 2020 Present
Software Developer Jan 2015 April 2017
Community Moderator April 2017 April 2017
Junior Software Developer Oct 2013 Jan 2015
Player Moderator Jan 2002 July 2004


Many of Macklebee's rooms are copies of original famous rooms. The Bubble Lounge was a room setup to show advertisers how they can use furniture to promote within the hotel. The Land of the Rising Sun is a copy of a room by the former Hotel Manager, Lost_Witness where a Jibbi trophy is present. The Box is an old room called "Newsbox" by the former Community Manager and Player Support staff, wenders.


  • This is Macklebee's official Twitter account, it contains development plans for Habbo, the account is currently active with the last post dated 12 Feb 2021. - @SulakeDominic

Macklebee posted many exciting images from nostalgic Throwback Thursday posts, future projects, or scrapped ideas from Habbo. Often images of the Habbo Offices are also present.