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Joined habbo: 2002
Hotel: Habbo.fi
Former Habbo Staff
Role(s): iC of The Research Lab

Yurre is an ex member of Staff on Habbo. She was originally from the Finnish hotel, which she joined in 2000. She first joined the staff team in 2009, where she was in charge of The Research Lab, known as Research Specialist before resigning in April 2012. She was often found online (in The Research Lab) due to her job title and attempted to get at least 1 poll a week active in there.

She was known to be one of the most open to opinions whilst she was staff, and she relayed the poll results to Sulake to improve features. This was eventually developed into the Pilots of the Revolution group. Yurre worked in the Finnish Offices when she was staff for Habbo.com, but eventually wished to venture in a new career. She was highly regarded and was liked by many players of the Habbo community.

Yurre often ventured onto Fansites such as Habbox and on occasion performed interviews.

Read Yurre's interview with Habbox here: http://habbox.com/#!/News/article/1059