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Super Saver Subscription (which was originally going to be called the Mad Money subscription) is a monthly credit subscription on Habbo, which was released in 2011. Super Saver Subscription currently costs $4.99 per month, for this you get 35 credits and 1 gift point. These Points can go towards exclusive furni that you cannot buy with Credits. However, many Habbos found a way around this and just bought credits and traded them for these exclusive pieces of furni since they're tradable.

Why buy Super Saver Subscription?

  • 35 Credits to your account each and every month at a discount.
  • A Gift Point that lets you get exclusive gifts only available to subscribers each month.
  • One time sign up- no having to go through the process each month.
  • Easy to join, easy to cancel with no hidden start up or cancellation charges.

Super Saver Subscription Rewards

All items cost 1 gift point to acquire:

Name Image Motto
Deluxe Lemon & Lime Bath
Mm tub.png

For extra fruity and smooth skin!
Deluxe Sitting Room Lamp
MM Lamp.png
Light up your life
Deluxe Lemonade Pitcher
Mm lemon drink.png
A cool glass of lemonade best after a hectic game of squash.

Super Saver Subscription links

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