Polar Sofa

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Polar Sofa
Motto: Snuggle up together
Release date: March 2008
Rare Values
Category: Ecotron
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Polar Sofa is a Rare Furni that was introduced into the hotel via the Ecotron. It made its first appearance in Habbo on March 22nd 2007 and it could be gained via recycling a number of items in the very first version of the Ecotron, but this was later changed to 40 items due to more rewards being added. It could no longer be gained via the Ecotron when it was updated in early 2009 and has only been handed out in very few competitions.

Due to the way the Polar Sofa was obtainable it was originally classed as a Super Rare as it wasn't available via a competition or as a direct purchase in the Catalogue, however Super Rare classification has since changed in order to be more concerned with scarcity and value.


  • Globally - Given out to users who recycled 40 items (originally 35) in the first version of the Ecotron.