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Infobus Poster
Motto: Infobus
Release date: July 2005
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Ultra Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Infobus is a very old Ultra Rare poster. Its exact release details are blurred, but it was first spotted in staff rooms in July 2005. It has never been released in the Catalogue, and very few have been given out in competitions. Due to the small number that have been given out officially, many players believe some of the existing posters were scripted.

It appears as a poster and worked well in Casinos as a grail display item and such, but with it not being released in the Catalogue it's harder to come by as opposed to other Posters and Flags.

Recent sales of the Infobus amongst collectors has been in the 2,000 Goldbars range in numerous trades in 2023. Given the very few remaining on, they are infrequently traded amongst collectors. Given the explosion of interest in ultra rare and iconic items that are steadily becoming harder to find amongst the remaining active player base, the Infobus has seen a continuous rise in price for the remainder posters available for sale over the years.


  • Habbo UK Staff member Jay (Player Support) gave an Infobus poster to the user "Hippy" in early 2006. At the time, this was believed to be the first Infobus poster owned by a regular Habbo.
  • Eight posters were given out to the finalists of the "Around the World in 80 Rooms" contest held on during August 2006.

Habbo Finland

Old EOPH poster

The Infobus was originally released as a branded furni for Elämä On Parasta Huumetta ry (short: EOPH, eng. Life is the best drug organization) in EOPH was an anti-drug organization focused on giving drug education to young. Collaboration between EOPH and Habbo lasted from 12. Feb. 2002 to 6. Sep. 2017. The most notable part of the collaboration was the Infobus at the Hotel's park where they held their meetings with users.

The Infobus poster was sold at the Catalogue for 5 credits. At the time of sale, the Infobus had its original smiley face graphics and was called EOPH-juliste (eng. EOPH poster). Exact release date and sale duration is blurred since no official news were made regarding the release or discontinuation. It is reported by Fansites that the EOPH poster left the Catalogue at around March 2004. Therefore, the EOPH poster was available for maximum of two years and hasn't been sold since.

It's worth of noting that at the time of sale the EOPH poster was just one of the multiple different branded posters available. It wasn't significantly popular until the sudden removal from the Catalogue. Also, the graphics and name were debranded only a year later, in April 2005. The new graphics of the EOPH poster features the Infobus seen at the park. The poster was renamed to Hubu (shortened from huumetietobussi eng. drug information bus). This update made the Infobus even more popular and more suitable for rare rooms and casinos.

As being discontinued for over 15 years, majority of the Infobus' are permanently lost to inactive and deleted accounts. It is estimated that around 200 or less are still in the possession of active finnish users.

Known Owners

Here are confirmed owners and known examples of the Infobus on

Owner Quantity Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
HattawaySafety 3 26-Jan-2016 Inactive
Conick 2 15-Jan-2016 Inactive
Lobbed 2 15-Jan-2016 Inactive
tobiasT 1 20-Nov-2023 Active
AlmondHaze 1 27-oct-2023 Active
Axiv 1 30-Jul-2021 Inactive Trophies
!EOD! 1 15-Jan-2016 Inactive
chidiva 1 15-Jan-2016 NFS - Thanks for the memories
elcarz 1 21-Mar-2017 NFS
Moonn6-Safety 1 21-Mar-2016 Banned
MunakYukiyo 1 19-May-2020 Inactive
Tom-Safe 1 26-Jan-2016 Inactive
Vintalie 1 21-Mar-2017 Inactive
Zak 1 02-Jun-2020 Active
420Participant 1 16-Feb-2023 Banned
Zh 1 21-Mar-2016 Banned
[1] 1 29-Sep-2021 [1]
Total 21
  1. a b One owner has requested to stay anonymous (see here for more information)


  • When Habbo de-branded many of its furni items, the Infobus was one of the items to be changed. The original item was a yellow smiley face sticker.
  • Its description was originally 'The Special Infobus Poster'. However this was changed to just 'Infobus' sometime in 2012.