Habbo 15 Rare Furni Competition Winner

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Habbo 15 Rare Furni Competition Winner
Release date: July 2015
Rare Values
Category: Ultra Rares

The Habbo 15 Rare Furni Competition Winner is an Ultra Rare originally awarded to Skranger for being the winner of the Birthday Rare competition during the Habbo 15 campaign in 2015. This competition asked users to design their own rare furniture item. The winner of the competition received the statue and a copy also stands in the Hall of Habbo Public Room.

It is similar to four other statues given out in similar competitions, the Habbo 15 Room Competition Winner, Habbo 15 Outfit Competition Winner, Habbo 15 Video Competition winner and Priorities. All five furnis are a statue of the winners' avatar making them highly unique.

Known Owners

There is only one trophy in the whole hotel, excluding the copy in the Hall of Habbo. It is currently owned by B.

Owner Quantity Updated Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
B_Safety 1 24-Dec-2018 # Rare Trade Forum
Total 1/1