Watering Can of Greatness!

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Watering Can of Greatness!
Motto: Awarded to the one and only True Botanist of the Unknown
Release date: Oct 2012
Rare Values
Category: Ultra Rares

The Watering Can of Greatness! is a super rare trophy on Habbo. It was only ever available as the top prize for the ultimate botanist in the May 2012 Monster Plants campaign - which introduced the plant range to the Habbo Catalogue for the first time, where it has remained since.[1]


This Gold Trophy is one of a set of three Watering Can Trophies, the others being silver and bronze. In order to win these, Habbos had to buy and level up monster plants in competition, achieving a ranking for their score. Those who were not in the top 5,000 received bronze, those who ranked within 5,000 received silver, only one could win the gold, the highest ranking breeder.

The user FieryCold reached number one and won the one and only gold Watering Can of Greatness.

Known Owners

There is only one gold Watering Can of Greatness. It is owned by Zh who is currently permanently banned.

Owner Quantity Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Zh 1 17-Apr-2020 Banned v6
Total 1/1