Childline Rug

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Childline Rug
Motto: Keep your feet warm with the Idea Agency rug
Rare Values
Category: Ultra Rares

The Childline Rug is an Ultra Rare rug which was uploaded amongst various other Idea Agency furniture items. Unlike the other released Idea Agency items (disregarding The Moodi Machine which was only given out via competitions), it was never introduced into the poll which provided users with the Idea Agency prizes. It was also never accidentally released and recollected (like the Idea Agency Desk), so there is a great amount confusion over how it exists.

The motto was "Keep your feet warm with the Idea Agency rug".

Releases and Sightings


  • - Spotted in Childline promotion rooms (owned by staff).


There is thought to be only one Childine Rug on the hotel. The first time it appeared in circulation was via the Marketplace.[1] It was placed in there at 4898c on 1 occasion and 10,100c on a different occasion. The Marketplace doesn't allow people (except the seller) to view whether a certain item has been sold, so no-one knows if it was the same rug sold at different prices, 2 completely different rugs or 1 rug that didn't sell at either of those prices.

Like the other Idea Agency furniture, the rug appeared to have been stripped of its branding, (the large 'Idea' logo in the centre), which is common for promotional furniture that has long-since lost trademark or affiliation with the initial brand due to a license expiry with Habbo.

In 2012 and again in early 2013, a user attempted to sell a Childline Rug on an unofficial, black market website outside of the hotel. There were two screenshots posted by the user, showing the rug as retaining its original branding. The images are useful to see the rug in a room setting and thumbnailed, but there is no way of assuring these images are not simply alterations. Their in-tact branding especially is a strong case against their authenticity, given the lack of branding in the Marketplace appearance. It is not known, if authentic, whether it was sold or if it remains available.

The rug was once again listed in the marketplace in December of 2013 at the price of 6060c by the user Mammoth.

Eventually MoHRooms (Attached) bought the Childline Rug for the price of a DTL Vending Machine (valued at 1000c). The rug was next sold in June 2020 to the user B for an undisclosed purchase price, who then sold it on to Vincent85 a few months later. This version of the rug has not been stripped of its branding.

The rug was recently sold in November 2023 from the user AlmondHaze to the user Yagga for 44T valued at 1,500c per = 66,000c (1,320gb).

Known Owners

A total of 10 player-owned rugs are known to have existed in 2013. As of 2024, only two rugs are known to be active.

Owner Quantity Last Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
36D 1 9-Dec-2023 Active =VJ= Final Fantasy VII Church
Yagga 1 9-Dec-2023 Active Yagga's Collection (construction, constantly)
Total 2/10