Mystic Duck

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Mystic Duck
Release date: 2013
Rare Values
Category: Ultra Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Mystic Duck is an Ultra Rare item on Originally intended to be a winnable item from the unreleased Crackable Crystals (like the Blue Submarine from the Crackable Eggs earlier in the year) - instead it came about as a competition prize. The Mystic Duck was given as the unique prize for the Habbo who topped the leaderboard during the Mystics campaign.[1] One duck was awarded to the winner Hawaii5.O. However, there are multiple known instances in the hotel of the Mystic Duck with unknown origin.

The prevalence of the duck as an ongoing meme of the hotel goes back many years. A plain yellow bath duck was amongst the first available items to buy in the Habbo Catalogue. There are now tens of different collectible types of ducks on the hotel, ranging from seasonal to individual characters, along with posters and assorted duck-themed items. As such, this super rare item, though small and unusual for a super item, and perhaps niche in the interests of many traders or casino owners, may be considered valuable alongside an already extensive collection along this theme.

It was initially on exhibition in a casino, and was listed soon after being won in a bet in the Marketplace, first at 10100c (the maximum asking price for any listing), then later at 8080c. On 16th August 2020, User "Profile" sold his Mystic Duck for the price of 380GBs, the record price for any Mystic Duck ever sold at the time.

Since that sale, the Mystic Duck has seen a few additional sales as it is viewed as a coveted ultra rare with only 4 known quantity in the game. User "Window" sold a Mystic Duck in September 2022 for the highest known sale of the duck for 100,100c (2002 GBs).

Known Owners

Owner Quantity Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Qabik 2 30-Jul-2021 Active
Window 1 18-Sep-2023 Active
Undercover. 1 19-May-2020 NFS
Total 4