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Ultra Rares
Release date: Unknown
Value: Habbox Rare Values

Ultra Rares are furni items that are 5000+ Credits or have less than 20 observable examples. The concept of "Ultra Rare" derives from a term adopted among the trading community. These items are part of a new trend of super rares that have become more lucrative. This is due in part of the pricing and amount of them available on the hotel. The Ultra Rare Trade group may have pioneered the term many years back bringing a widespread adoption of the new term.

Most of these items were released under these conditions: competition prize, accidental release, staff gift, compensation, promotional, and/or Scripted items, which are later adopted by Habbo Staff. Untradeable and/or Promotional items that are in the possession of regular users will be included in this article. Although they hold no value, they can be classified under Super Rares or Ultra Rares depending on observable examples since they were achieved through the above conditions.

This page reflects items on Habbo.com (International) that are classified as 'Ultra Rare'. On other hotels some of the items are unreleased and some have only been released recently making them very common. The list does not include Unreleased items and untradeable items that are only in the possession of Habbo Staff/Sulake Staff. It also does not include Limited Edition Rares due to their subjective LTD # being open to multiple interpretations of their value, however the Pink Dragon Lamp is included since any number is highly valuable.

Please see Super Rares for furni items that are above 500 to 5000 credits or less than 100 observable examples in the hotel.

Version 7

Name Image Description
Fuchsia Ice Cream Maker Fuchsia ice cream maker.gif Virtual vanilla rocks!
Navy Giant Pillow Navy giant pillow.gif Puffy, soft and huge
Blue Smoke Machine Blue smoke machine.gif Retro-mystification
Pink Laser Portal Pink Laser Portal.gif Energy beams. No trespassers!
Blue Marquee Blue MarqueeCropped.png A door and a sunshade in one furni!
Yellow Spaceship Door Yellow spaceship door.gif Safe and secure in space
Brown Powered Fan Brown powered fan.gif Turn it on and enjoy the cool breeze
Yellow Powered Fan Yellow powered fan.gif Turn it on and enjoy the cool breeze
Doric Graphite Pillar Doric graphite pillar.gif Ancient and stately
Doric Rock Pillar Doric Rock Pillar 2.png Ancient and stately
Doric Blue Pillar Doric Blue Pillar 2.png Ancient and stately
Doric Olive Green Pillar Doric Olive Green Pillar Cropped.png Ancient and stately
Pink Oriental Screen Pink oriental screen.gif Adds an exotic vibe to any room
Golden Oriental Screen Golden oriental screen.gif Adds an exotic vibe to any room

StrayPixels Easels

Name Image
StrayPixels Winner x10 StrayPixels Winner x10.png
StrayPixels Winner x7 StrayPixels Winner x7.png
StrayPixels Winner x5 StrayPixels Winner x5.png
StrayPixels Winner x3 StrayPixels Winner x3.png
StrayPixels Winner x1 StrayPixels Winner x1.png

Habbo 15 Awards

Name Image
Rare Competition Finalists H15fin rare.png
Block Competition Finalists H15fin block.png
Room Competition Finalists H15fin room.png
Outfit Competition Finalists H15fin outfit.png
Habbo 15 H15fin video.png
Priorities Habbo15 win 2.png
Habbo 15 Outfit Competition Winner Habbo15 win 12.png
Habbo 15 Rare Furni Competition Winner Habbo15 win 44.png
Habbo 15 Video Competition winner Habbo15 win 32.png
Habbo 15 Room Competition Winner Habbo15 win 21.png


Name Image Description
Watering Can of Greatness Watering Can-of Greatness.PNG Awarded to the the one and only True Botanist Of The Unknown
Bronze Hotel Prize Trophy Prizetrophy hotel1 b.png prizetrophy_hotel1_b desc
Twilight Trophy Twilight Trophy.gif Fitting for the biggest Twilight fan!
Classic Trophy Classic Trophy Large.png We are the champions.
Prizetrophy_room2_gname Prizetrophy hotel2 g.png prizetrophy_room2_g desc
American Idol Trophy American Idol Trophy.gif For being in the Habbo American Idol Competition Top 12!
Videographer Trophy Habbo20 c20 trophyvideo.png habbo20_c20_trophyvideo desc
Designer Trophy Habbo20 c20 trophydesign.png habbo20_c20_trophydesign desc
Outfit Expert Trophy Habbo20 c20 trophylooks.png habbo20_c20_trophylooks desc
Block Builder Trophy Habbo20 c20 trophyblock.png habbo20_c20_trophyblock desc


Name Image Description
Gold Party Hat Gold Party Hat.png Party like it's 2016!
RoboBoy Face RoboBoy Face.png

Animal Statues

Name Image Description
Turquoise Capybara Turquoise Capybara.png
Tan Anteater Tan Anteater.png


Name Image Description
Childline Rug Idea Agency Rug.png Keep your feet warm with the Idea Agency rug
Mystic Duck Mystic Duck.PNG They came and they went, leaving behind their most prized duck.
Books of Knowledge Book of habbo knowledge uno.png Book of Habbo Knowledge I
Robot Dinosaur Xmas13 robotdino.png The first Rare prize of 2014
Infobus Infobus.gif Infobus
The Moodi Machine Moodi Machine.gif how u feelin? Express yourself with ChildLine
The Golden Tablet Golden Tablet 2.png What every museum resident craves
Pink Dragon Lamp Pink Dragon 2.png Scary and scorching!
Streets of Bobba Guitar SOBGuitar.png