Doric Olive Green Pillar

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Doric Olive Green Pillar
Motto: Ancient and stately
Release date: April 2008 (
Rare Values
Category: V7 Rares
Ultra Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Doric Olive Green Pillar is know as a 'Super Rare', due to it's lack of visibility within the hotels, which first made an appearance in April 2008. The Pillar came into existence in through the "Cheetah Girl" competition held in the Australian hotel in April 2008. It is one of only 4 Ultra Pillar types (Doric Graphite Pillar, Doric Blue Pillar and Doric Rock being the others).

The Doric Olive Green Pillar's motto is"Ancient and stately".

Before the Habbo Merge, there was only one example of this pillar on the hotel, known as the 'Pagan Pillar' and thought to be originally owned by MOD-Noct. It later came into circulation around 2009 when it appeared in the marketplace, and in the rare trade forums of the HabboxForum thereafter.

The Pagan Pillar spotted in the Habbo UK marketplace in 2009.

Releases and Sightings

The Doric Olive Green Pillar has been seen on 6 hotels in total, but only released on 3. Here is a list of all the sightings/releases:


  • - Competition prize in April 2008.
  • - Released into the catalogue in April 2008.
  • - Released into the catalogue in April 2008.


  • - Spotted in "!=!" owned by joby.
  • - Spotted in St. Patrick quest rooms.
  • - Spotted in "PalastGroove" owned by zoky.
  • - Spotted in a room owned by MOD-Noct in August 2006, know there as the 'Pagan Pillar'

Known Owners

Here are confirmed owners and known examples of the Doric Olive Green Pillar on

Owner Number Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
..ANDO.. 5 15-Apr-2020 Active ..ANDO.. RARES
iSmexi 5 16-Feb-2022 Active
praxis. 2 16-Feb-2022 Active
chidiva 2 15-Apr-2020 Active
Boo 2 16-Feb-2022 Inactive
websit 1 16-Feb-2022 Active
heri 1 16-Feb-2022 Banned
JpoppleArcade 1 15-Apr-2020 Banned Huge Supers/Rare Shop
Kely,au 1 17-Jan-2022 NFS

Total 20