Videographer Trophy

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Videographer Trophy
Release date: 2020
Rare Values
Category: Ultra Rares

The Videographer Trophy is a Ultra Rare trophy given out to the winners of the Habbo 20 Video competition 'Lights, Camera, Action!'. Habbo announced the competition on July 14, 2020. To participate Habbos needed to make a one-minute long trailer, short film or music video about what their journey through Habbo had been like. Habbos could enter alone, or in a team of 2 players. The video had been to uploaded as a public video to Youtube with the hashtag #Habbo20 in the title and Habbos had until July 19 to send in their creations.

The three best videos won the Videographer Trophy. Although there were three winning videos two of them were created by a team so five trophies were given out. The winners were Ligep, LC22 & Palzo, and .:coqueluche:. & Jeca-Tatu.

The trophy is similar to the habbo20_c20_trophyblock_name, Designer Trophy and Outfit Expert Trophy which were given out in other competitions during the Habbo 20 campaign.

Known Owners

Owner Quantity Last Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
B 1 5-June-2021 NFS # Rare Trade Forum ®
Ligep 1 25-July-2020 NFS ⭐ Upstate Shop ⭐
LC22 1 23-Jan-2022 NFS #SaveHabbo Friendship Den
.:coqueluche:. 1 23-Jan-2022 NFS ' Coqueluche Club¶
YouAreBrave 1 23-Jan-2022 Active
Total 5/5


All accepted entries also received an exclusive badge

According to habbowidgets 66 Habbos have this badge.