Classic Trophy

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Classic Trophy
Motto: Glittery gold
Release date: July 2014
Rare Values
Category: Trophies, Ultra Rares

The Classic Trophy is an Ultra rare trophy on Habbo that resembles the shape of the game ball found under the football section of the Catalogue. It is believed by the community that this trophy was released around the time of the Habbo World Cup competition of 2014. According to DJ_Shadow, these trophies were released via a competition on Facebook hosted by Habbo. It was for guessing the correct footballer. Some of the trophies given had either a blank description or the following, "Congrats on guessing the right footballer!"

There are possibly 8 or more of these on the hotel. Its value is 2,500 Credits as of 2020.

Known Examples

Here are confirmed examples of the Classic Trophy on

Owner Quantity Last Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Zh 1 12-May-2017 Banned v6
Qabik 2 19-Feb-2022 Active
B 1 03-Nov-2020 Active
iSmexi 2 19-Feb-2022 NFS
Total 6/7?

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