Idea Agency

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Idea Agency
Release date: 2009
Season: N/A
Available from: MarketPlace (Some items)
Trade (Some items)

Idea Agency, or Childline as it was sometimes called, was a sponsor and subsequent promotion for Habbo UK before the Merge. The promotion included room building competitions (build a party room to win Idea Agency Teleporters), quizzes, polls, Celebrity Visits and a staff-run room raid.

Each part of the promotion featured different Furni as prizes, such as the Idea Agency Jukebox and Idea Agency Sofa. These were originally branded on the Client, but was removed and replaced with a plain green style after the merge as they weren't a International promotion. The de-branding also happened on related items such as the Talk To FRANK Brain Lamp. Out of the entire range, 4 of the items aren't in existence in the international hotel. The Childline Rug has only ever been spotted twice in the Marketplace for an incredibly high price of 4898 Credits and 10,100 Credits. However, there is uncertainty as to whether they were sold or not. The Jukebox does exist but is un-tradeable.


Name Image Motto
Talk To FRANK Brain Lamp
Look after your brain - Talk To FRANK
Idea Agency Jukebox
Shake it like a polaroid picture in the Idea agency
Idea Agency Sofa
Take a load of - both your feet and your mind
Idea Agency Super Cake
The Moodi Machine
how u feelin? Express yourself with Childline
Idea Agency Lava Lamp
ads_cllava2 desc
Idea Agency Teleporter(s) Whatever your Idea, it's better out than in.
Idea Agency Desk
Work on your latest agency brief.
Childline Rug
Keep your feet warm with the Idea Agency rug