Idea Agency Lava Lamp

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Idea Agency Lava Lamp
Release date: 2009
Rare Values
Category: Super Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Idea Agency Lava Lamp was an item of furni released as part of the 2009 Idea Agency campaign in the UK hotel. Unlike the other Idea Agency furniture, the Lava Lamp wasn't given out as a prize for the poll in the Zen Garden, but was only released as a prize for event and competition winners. This makes it much rarer than the other items, except the Moodi Machine and also the Rug which was actually never given out but has been seen on the Hotel and occasionally appears in the Marketplace.

When all the English-speaking hotels merged together, all furniture was de-branded. The Idea Agency Lava Lamp was recoloured to a lighter green, the logo on top removed and the base coloured white, as to not confuse it with the green lava lamp from the Neon range. It has been a target of scams because of the similarity between the two. On the right, you can see the old branded version against the new unbranded version.

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