Paul LaFontaine

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Paul LaFontaine
Joined habbo: September 2011
Former Habbo Staff
Role(s): Chief Executive Officer of Sulake

Paul LaFontaine is a former Chief Executive Officer of Sulake. He was appointed to the position in September 2011 due to his significant experience in the entertainment industry, having been previously employed by Disney and Ticketmaster. Whilst also responsible for the management of Sulake's other platforms, Habbo was Paul's primary focus. During his time, in renewed efforts to better connect with the Habbo community, Paul had taken to blogging and tweeting individual users. He also regularly visited the hotels in person under the account "Paulwalla" but is now inactive.


As the public figure of Sulake, Paul LaFontaine has received widespread criticism for his handling of the Channel 4 investigations into allegations of sexual activity within Habbo. Some criticized his reluctance to take part in television interviews, instead choosing only to release verbal statements. Others also criticize his decision, in response to the Channel 4 reports, to mute the entire Habbo community, calling it unfair and ineffective.

German Community Manager kawu said the following about Paul Lafontaine in an interview with the official german fansite HabboTimes: "The situation is a joke. A CEO [Paul LaFontaine] who tried to make us [Habbo Staff] avoid to spend 'unnecessary' time with the community two months ago (we were told to stop all inofficial events) and now praises placebo dialogues on Twitter? That's an insult to all Community Managers, that took their job at Sulake seriously. After the most recent mess at Sulake the good 'Laffi' affirmed over and over again that he cares for the security of the users. Wait... How can you report people via Messenger [Habbo Console] again? Oh yea... There is no way! I think only the youngest Habbos believe his stories. Especially old community members won't fall for it and see through his lies."