Police Force Bundle

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Police Force Bundle
Theme Urban
Release Date 23 April 2018 (Habbo.com)
Exclusive Items Inmate Overalls

The Police Force Bundle was a Furniture Bundle released on Habbo in April 2018.

The Bundle included furniture from a variety of lines, including Prison, Urban, Grunge, Victorian Christmas, and Habbo University. It also included exclusive outfits, the Inmate Overalls, which could not be purchased anywhere outside of this bundle.

The bundle was sold for 199 Credits.



Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 252 Habbos have this badge.


Exclusive Items

  • Inmate Overalls (x2)

Bundle Items

The bundle came with 154 other items, including:

  • Executive Carpet (x4)
  • Swivel Chair (x2)
  • Grunge Mattress (x2)
  • Sidewalk (x13)
  • Taxi Sofa (x1)
  • Grunge Chair (x4)
  • Victorian High Window (x4)
  • Dorm Bookshelf (x1)
  • Crime Divider (x1)
  • HabBook Pro (x2)
  • Chalk Outline (x1)
  • Urban Bench (x1)
  • Desk Phone (x1)
  • Books (x1)
  • Cafetiere French Press (x1)
  • Conference Table (x1)
  • Bullet Hole (x3)
  • Swamp Fog (x4)
  • Prison Gate (x2)
  • Desktop Clutter (x1)
  • Fire Hydrant (x2)
  • Executive Swivel Chair (x2)
  • Street Lamp (x2)
  • Grunge Lamp (x2)
  • Shelf Corner (x1)
  • Traffic Lights (x2)
  • Road Signs (x1)
  • Victorian Cornerstone (x5)
  • Prison Bars (x8)
  • Dorm Desk (x3)
  • Dorm Wardrobe (x1)
  • Urban Trash Can (x1)
  • Urban Wall (x7)
  • Road Block (x1)
  • Uni Lamp (x1)
  • Safety Cone (x2)
  • Slope Light (x3)
  • Grunge Wall (x8)
  • Skyscraper City (x1)
  • White Road Barrier (x1)
  • Road (x10)
  • Prison Corner (x2)
  • Bench Dude Poster (x1)
  • Door Teleports (x2 sets)
  • Relaxation Plant (x1)
  • Victorian Wall (x5)
  • Haba John's Pizza (x1)
  • Monster Plant Bed (x4)
  • Versatile Victorian Block (x12)
  • Plain Coat Rack (x1)
  • Victorian Gate (x3)
  • Castle Floor Tile (x1)
  • Bars (x1)
  • Grunge Radiator (x1)
  • Victorian Cobbles (x5)