Streets of Bobba Guitar

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Streets of Bobba Guitar
Release date: 19 July 2013
Rare Values

The Streets of Bobba Guitar was made available on the 19th July 2013 via the Ultra Rare Pinata released on the same day. The furni was part of the Habbo Palooza campaign which ran over a month in 2013. To receive the guitar, players had to purchase/rent a Pinata Stick, so they could hit the Pinatas - to hit a Pinata they had to walk under it. After 100 times it would break and a guitar would be present in the room.

The Streets of Bobba Guitar was only available from the Ultra Rare Pinata which originally cost 120 Credits in the Catalogue. It is also the rarest guitar on Habbo due to how hard it was to obtain it given the odds to obtain the Streets of Bobba Guitar were very low.

All of the guitars available from Pinatas were former furni ranges on Habbo, the Streets of Bobba range was available in 2008 originally and the most recent return was the guitar for it. The Streets of Bobba Guitar is one of the most desired due to its and rarity. Its motto is: 'Rock your Bobbas off!'

Known Examples

Here are confirmed owners of the Streets of Bobba Guitar on

Owner Quantity Last Updated
Jes 1 02-Apr-2017
Samanfa 1 02-Apr-2017
Ligep 1 04-Feb-2022
Shortbread 1 03-Sep-2023
FRANC0 1 14-May-2024
Total 5