Habbo Palooza 2014

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Ruckus Chair



Four new pinatas were released. Each contained one rare in either blue, pink or yellow. Habbos would know what rare was included but the colour they would get was random. Yellow was the most common, blue next and pink was the rarest.

  • Blue Duck Pinata PLZ26
  • Yellow Duck Balloon
  • Blue Duck Balloon
  • Pink Duck Balloon
  • Orange Coffee Stand Pinata
  • Blue Java Cafe Stand
  • Pink Java Cafe Stand
  • Yellow Java Cafe Stand
  • Pink Carousel Horse Pinata PLZ24
  • Yellow Carousel Horse
  • Blue Carousel Horse
  • Pink Carousel Horse
  • Green Hot Ar Balloon Pinata PLZ25
  • Yellow Hot Air Balloon
  • Blue Hot Air Balloon
  • Pink Hot Air Balloon

Room Bundles

  • Habbo Palooza Hoopla Bundle
  • Deep Sea Den Bundle