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Pixels effects.gif

Avatar Effects are effects that are applied to a players Habbo avatar for a short amount of time. Currently, these effects are purchased with Duckets, but prior to their initial introduction they could only be bought with Pixels and, on occasion, Credits. They can be bought by opening up the catalogue and then clicking on Clothing.

On various occasions effects have been released to celebrate a number of events, and seasonal effects are common within the hotel.

Current Effects


Permanent Effects do not expire.

Effect Picture
fxbox_fx16 name
Fly Head
Nightmare Bride Costume
Pumpkin King Costume
Scarecrow Costume
Werewolf Costume
Feather Mask
Peacock Mask
Goat Mask
Flower Mask


Effect Picture
Rainbow Pinata Stick Pinata.gif
Steelscar Helmet and Torch
Battleshade Helmet and Torch
Magic Wand Effect

Old Effects

Effect Picture Cost (Duckets)
Butterflies ButterfliesEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Candle Pixel Effect Candle.gif 30 Duckets
Fireflies FirefliesEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Flies FliesEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Frozen FrozenEffect.gif 30 Duckets
HRJP-3000 JetpackEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Hover Board (Blue) BlueHoverboard.gif 30 Duckets
Ghost Ghost.png 30 Duckets
Love Birds LoveBirds.gif 30 Duckets
Microphone Microphone Effect.png 30 Duckets
Hover Board (Pink) Hoverboard-Pink.gif 30 Duckets
UFO (Pink) Pink-UFO.gif 30 Duckets
Skate Board Skateboard.png 30 DUckets
Torch TorchEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Twinkle TwinkleEffect.gif 30 Duckets
Hover Board (Yellow) Yellow-Hoverboard.gif 30 Duckets
UFO (Yellow) Yellow-UFO.gif 30 Duckets
UFO (Blue) Blue-ufo.gif 30 Duckets
N/A DogMobile.png 139 Duckets
RebelMobile RebelMobile.png 139 Duckets
HelpMobile HelpMobile.png 139 Duckets
BluesMobile BluesMobile.png 139 Duckets