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The Spanish Hotel View.
Habbo.es is the Spanish version of Habbo Hotel. The hotel caters primarily to Spanish language users and opened in September 2003, as the 5th international hotel. It has a very strong population base, as users from Mexico, Latin America, and Spain all share the common language. The Spanish hotel has often been used as a pilot hotel for projects. More recently the hotel was used to test Habbo Helpers as well as the new safe chat features.

In total, 187 badges have been created uniquely for use in the Spanish hotel.

Staff Members

Only 16 staff members are recorded as working solely on the Spanish hotel.

  • ReginaSanMiguelFernandez - Country Manager
  • Elenita - Country Manager
  • Epi77 - Country Manager
  • Dracoelmo - Assistant Hotel Manager
  • Armitxe - Site Producer
  • Mariumbita - Assistant Site Producer
  • MasterAtWork - Assistant Site Producer
  • Pelopincho25 - Assistant Site Producer
  • Volvoretta - Assistant Site Producer
  • Banjo. - Assistant Site Producer
  • .Adgar. - Assistant Site Producer
  • MisticaMiranda - Marketing Coordinator
  • Bufandeta - Marketing Coordinator
  • ArishA2 - Book-Keeper
  • Impoluto - Book keeper
  • Sweettrinity - Book Keeper