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The Habbo Exchange, also known as the Exchange, is the method used to transform your credits into a tradeable currency. You can for example exchange one Credit from the Shop but it will cost you two Credits. This is because of the so-called Credit Tax. Habbo also gives users the option of purchasing five Bronze Coins for six Credits, and ten Bronze Coins for 11 Credits. This option was introduced by Habbo in response to the general uproar concerning the Credit Tax following it's introduction.

Exchanging credits from Shop can also be a smart method of buying furniture cheaper. Once people purchase new items from the Shop, the price goes down quite drastically. This means that it is sometimes better to exchange credits into a tradeable currency and buy the piece of furni for a lower price.

At first Habbo Exchange was tradeable just like any type of furniture, but a recent update now means that any Credits a Habbo receives in a trade will be converted into Credits in their purse, and if they want to trade it to someone else they will need to buy the Credit Furni from the shop again.

Permanent Habbo Exchange

These items are available for purchase year-round.

Name Image Motto
Bronze Coin BronzeCoin2.png 1 Credit
Silver Coin SilverCoin2.png 5 Credits
Gold Coin GoldCoin2.png 10 Credits
Sack of Coins SackCoins3.png 20 Credits
Gold Bar GoldBar2.png 50 Credits

Limited Edition Habbo Exchange

To expand the exchanging range of items on Habbo, limited kinds of exchanges are made available for players to purchase or gain from time to time. This originally began on the 21st February 2013 in the popular game in the Game Center, Fast Food, where players could win either a big or small ruby depending on where they finished on the leaderboard each week. After a while, this was removed due to the introduction of the game on other hotels and partly because the same players kept on winning.

Name Image Motto
Big Ruby Big Ruby.png Game prize worth 200 credits
Small Ruby Small Ruby.png Game prize worth 75 credits
Big Sapphire Big Sapphire.png Worth 240 Credits
Small Sapphire Small Sapphire.png Worth 120 Credits
Diamond Duck Diamond Duck.png Worth 750 Credits
Emerald Duck Emerald Duck.png Worths 350 Credits
Platinum Bar Platinum.png Worth 500 Credits!
Gold Bullion Gold Bullion.png Worth 300 Credits
2016 Bubble Juice 2016 bubble juice.gif A flawless Habbo vintage.
Crystal Skull CrystallSkull.png Worth 350 Credits
Purple Skull Credit Furni Purple Skull Credit Furni.png Worth 750 Credits
Viking Loot Viking Loot.png Worth 500 Credits
Coin Suitcase Coin Suitcase.png Worth 1500 Credits
Credit Tree Credit Tree.png Worth 500 Credits
Golden Piggy Bank Golden Piggy Bank.png Worth 750 Credits
Jaded Carp Jaded Carp.png Worth 350 Credits
Golden Key Goldenkey.png Worth 1000 Credits
Golden Sceptre Golden Sceptre.png Worth 350 Credits
Designer Hucci Bag Designer Hucci Bag.png Worth 250 Credits
King's Orb CF 500 orb.png Worth 500 Credits
Mini Habberge Egg CF 750 minihabberge.png Worth 750 Credits
Solid Gold Beetle CF 500 goldenbeetle.png Worth 500 Credits
Suitcase of Cash CF 1500 suitcase2.png Worth 1500 Credits

Diamonds Habbo Exchange

With the return of Diamonds as a permanent point in exchange for the exclusive exchange items.

Name Image Motto Catalogue Price
Emerald Ring Emerald Ring.png Worth 100 Credits 1000 Diamonds
Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklace.png Worth 250 Credits 2500 Diamonds
Big Ol' Gem Big Ol' Gem.png Worth 500 Credits 5000 Diamonds
Classic Crown Classic Crown.png Worth 1000 Credits 10000 Diamonds
Ornate Crown Ornate Crown.png Worth 2500 Credits 25000 Diamonds

Chinese Habbo Exchange

On Habbo.cn, the coins were worth 10x their value on other hotels. This was to accommodate the exchange rate for Chinese currency (in reality). Very few images of the Bronze Coin being worth 10C have survived, but catalogue icons for the other exchange items still remain. These coins were never meant to surface on Habbo.com (International) (due to them being a staff-only item), but a few of the Bronze Coins were accidentally given out as rewards for watching sponsored videos - they weren't redeemable. Here were the catalogue icons used in the Habbo Exchange on Habbo.cn:

Name Image Price
Bronze Coin 10 Credits
Silver Coin
50 Credits
Gold Coin
100 Credits
Sack of Coins
200 Credits
Gold Bar
500 Credits

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