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Carps are Super Rares they were given out in mid-2010 after the merge, they included various colours such as black, red and blue. The Carps were given out along with an Ultramarine (that appears to be a submarine type furni) and a Red Ultimate Machine. The Carps are still popular on Habbo today but the Golden Carp and Black Carp appear the most valuable thus the most wanted.

A small mistake was found when releasing the Carps and that was the green coloured carp, instead of it being called the Green Carp it was named the Greep Carp; this was a known problem and was eventually rectified several years later.

The range of Carps different in value with the Blue Carp, Silver Carp and Red Carp being a few of the less valuable ones.

Name Image
Black Carp Black Carp 2.png
Blue Carp Blue carp.gif
Golden Carp Golden Carp 2.png
Green Carp Green carp.gif
Red Carp Red carp.gif
Silver Carp Silver carp.gif