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Carps are Super Rares they were given out in mid-2010 after the merge, they included various colours such as black, red and blue. The Carps were given out along with an Ultramarine (that appears to be a submarine type furni) and a Red Ultimate Machine. The Carps are still popular on Habbo today but the Golden Carp and Black Carp appear the most valuable thus the most wanted.

A small mistake was found when releasing the Carps and that was the green coloured carp, instead of it being called the Green Carp it was named the Greep Carp; this was a known problem and was eventually rectified several years later.

The range of Carps different in value with the Blue Carp, Silver Carp and Red Carp being a few of the less valuable ones.

Name Image
Black Carp
Blue Carp
Golden Carp
Green Carp
Red Carp
Silver Carp